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Get your garage ready for Autumn

10 tips to get your garage ready for autumn email header

Whether we like it or not, Autumn is certainly on the way.  And there are a few things you can do to get your garage ready for the colder months to come.  Here’s our top ten tips!

1. Banish draughts and gaps

If your garage doors are a little draughty and have gaps at the bottom, then installing a threshold barrier could be the answer.  Not only do they stop to stop draughts and leaves from coming in, they also keep out water, keeping your garage clean and dry.

Threshold Barrier

2. Clean Up

It is almost time for Summer furniture, pools and outside toys to be stored for the Winter so giving your garage a good clean before you put it all back in is a good idea.  Even sweeping the floor and getting rid of cobwebs can make a difference.


3. Assess your storage

Do you need some more storage?  Putting away paddling pools, badminton nets and chairs may mean you need to assess what you have and whether you could do with more.  Free standing shelving is a good option or opt for wall mounted accessories which keep the floor tidy too.  You’ll then know where everything is next Summer.

wall storage solutions

4. Have a declutter

Whether you make it a whole weekend’s project or just an hour, decluttering can make an enourmous difference. Start with one area and work your way around the space getting rid of items you haven’t used in the last year.  Make piles for the tip, charity shop or freecycle are a good way.

5. Organise your items into zones

Create spaces for pet stuff, diy, crafts, toys etc. and you’ll find it much easier to find what you’re looking for.

Storage Zones

6. Move items to the front

Take time to bring to the front items you might need in the coming months.  You aren’t going to need outside furniture in the Winter so why not store that all out of the way, perhaps on the ceiling, until next year.  Think whether Christmas decorations can be made more easily accessible.


7.  Make sure your lights work! 

There is nothing worse than going into the garage on a dark evening and realising you have still forgotten to repair the light, get it all in working order now.


8. Check your garage door works correctly. 

If you don’t open your door regularly now is the time to check it is all working well, there are no creaks, rusted sections or draughts coming in.  If there are you can decide to get them repaired, insulated  or, in some cases, invest in new ones.

10 tips to get your garage ready for Autumn


9. Upgrade your garage floor

Cement can be cold and dusty.  So upgrading to a sturdy, non-slip floor can make a tremendous difference to the feel of your garage.  Not only will the new floor look good, it will be nicer to walk on too.  We are delighted to offer a range of flooring options for your garage floor, click here to view.


10. Store bikes on the wall or ceiling.

Don’t leave your bikes all leaning up against the wall.  This can lead to problems from falling over, injuring others and also put your bike at risk of breaking.  Store them on the wall or ceiling to keep them safe and dry. Take a look at our Bike Storage ideas for more inspiration.

10 tips to get your garage ready for Autumn


If you would like any advice on sorting out your garage and making best use of the space, please do get in touch.  The team at Garageflex offer you the choice to have the garage designed and installed by our professional team or you can take the time to install it yourself.  We would be delighted to offer advice and assistance on both options.

Garageflex – not just for the garage…

Garageflex - not just for the garage-2

Of course when you see our name – Garageflex – you would assume we only fitted out garages.  In actual fact, anywhere that you want to add storage in your home can be fitted with the Garageflex system.  Below are just a few examples of other spaces we’ve installed our system including a garden room, conservatory and even a garden shed.  So if one of these ideas creates a spark of inspiration with you, give us a call to discuss your specific requirements.

Garden Room

This Garden Room in Streatham, London just needed a little decluttering and organising to make best use of the space.  You can see some after images below as well as a before to see how the space has changed.  Not only have we added shelving, hooks and a tiled floor, the space instantly feels brighter too.

Sun House

A sun house with storage can be a thing of beauty.  Show off your tools or keep them handy as this couple in Buckinghamshire have donw.  Perfect for a G&T whilst looking out on the garden.

Under the Stairs

No place should be dark and dusty.  Shown below is an under stair area that the customer referred to as the “The Spider Room”.  Well now they are going to have to think of another name because after we visited it is no longer dark and dusty with not a spider in sight!


This conservatory is certainly looking much smarter than when our fitters arrived.  Adding in hooks, shelves, units and cabinets mean that the customer can make best use of the space.


Garden Shed

Even a garden shed can be given a new lease of life as a neat and tidy storage room.


Bike Room

As well as fitting out the garage at this house in Wimbledon, we also completed their Bike Room.  Just by adding in some wall panel, baskets, shelves and hooks, the room is now carefully organised.


Our bespoke designs are unique to your garage or space so just phone in on 01491 579975 to discuss what you are looking for.

Lovely customer testimonial received from Lincolnshire Installation

This beauty of a garage will shortly be making it on to our case study page but we wanted to share this fantastic garage transformation with you.  Plus we have already received a very nice letter from the customer stating how happy she is with the completed installation.

The before and after photos give you a feel for how much of a difference our storage system has made to the space, creating a perfect storage place for the owner.

Garageflex enjoy the Ferrari Owners Club Day at Danesfield House

On Saturday 3rd August, we were very excited to be exhibiting at the Ferrari Owners Club day held at Danesfield House.  Having exhibited last year and met a very nice customer whose garage we completed a few months later, we were very happy to go again.   If you scroll down a little, you can see a short video testimonial of the customer talking about his own garage makeover.

It is after all a lovely day, regardless of any business being done as there are some fantastic cars on show and great people to chat with.  Some of the photos from this year’s event are shown below.

New Resin Floor Colour Added

From time to time we have to change the colours on offer for our flooring. Today we found out that our existing colour, Putty is no longer available but is being replaced with a brand new colour called Mushroom.

Mushroom Resin Floor colour - mushroom

We are very excited about this new colour and will share photos of this in a customer garage soon.  In the meantime, why not head on over to our Resin Floor page to find out more.

How do I get it installed?

Of course if you are ready to get one of our fantastic Resin Floors installed in your garage then give us a call to set up a Design Consultant visit.  We recommend that David visits you to see the state of the current floor and whether it needs a scratch coat before we lay the resin.  This is normally completed on the same day as your floor installation.  David can also show you samples of all the colours that we have on offer so you can ensure you choose the one that’s right for you.


Resin Floor Colours 2019

How to transform your garage, whatever your budget

When it comes to sorting out your garage we can help you organise it, whatever your budget.  It is very easy to see all of our fantastic garage renovations and think they cost more than they do.

Our Pricing page gives a very good idea of how much a single, double or triple garage might cost if you want to completely transform it. However, that isn’t always what our customers want.

With this in mind, I’ve chosen two different options to give an idea of what you can spend to get a good stroage solution in your home, without breaking the bank.

How to transform your garage whatever your budget


Option 1: Under £100

We have a DIY kit that is very easy to fit on to your garage wall and comes with a range of storage accessories.  Plus it is only £92.99 including VAT and delivery.

It includes a length of our FlexiTrack which attaches to your garage wall – see our short video here – plus a shelf, hooks and a basket.

Garageflex General Storage Option


Option 2: £2,500 – £3,500

If you want to clad one wall and lay a tiled floor then the ballpark figure is around £2,500 to £3,500 depending on the exact size.  The garage shown below cost £3,275 fully fitted by our professional team including the storage accessories and a ten year warranty.

Garageflex one wall and a floor


Of course, these are just a few examples of price points but we do can offer a solution for anything in between as well!

We can do as little or as much as you want to make your garage shine and bring it up to the same high quality as the rest of your home.

Do give us a call on 01491 579975 if you would like to discuss your specific requirements in a little more detail.  We offer a free, no obligation, design consultation so you can get an idea of how we can help you transform your garage.

Stylish bike storage solutions for your garage

With The Tour de France in full swing, we decided to take a look at some of the fantastic bike storage solutions we’ve created in residential garages for our customers.

Stylish bike storage solutions for your garage

There are many ways to store your bikes but we believe they should be stored tidily, easily accessible and not pose a problem when trying to get to other items in the garage.  So what we mean is you don’t try to get the one from the back of the pile and all of them fall over onto the floor!

Stylish bike storage solutions for your garage from Garageflex

In this garage, fitted out in 2013, we used three of our Vertical Bike Racks on the main wall to create a dedicated bike storage area.  Storing bikes in this way uses up less storage space so you can get more in, and you can see which bike is which.  It also looks very nice!

For this customer, we have obviously panelled all the garage walls so the bike racks clip easily on to them but if you don’t have our panel, you can buy a Vertical Bike Rack with FlexiTrack which allows you to put them on your wall.  To buy the rack with FlexiTrack, click here.



Stylish bike storage solutions for your garage from Garageflex

Completed for Singer Lee Latchford-Evans of Steps fame, his garage was a simple single structure.  He had a couple of bikes that he needed to store but, being a single garage, there was limited space.  One Vertical Bike Rack put on the wall was plenty of storage for the bikes and other accessories to be stored neatly.


Stylish bike storage solutions for your garage from Garageflex

This next garage was actually a DIY installation from a customer who popped into our HQ in Buckinghamshire.  He was a keen cyclist and wanted to add in some storage to his garage for his bikes, helmets and bags.

We advised buying some of our FlexiTrack which attaches to the garage wall as shown here and then you can add in hooks, bike storage racks and even some tip out bins as this customer did.  This gives you ultimate storage options and keeps things neat, tidy and organised.

All of these items can be purchased on our e-store for DIY Installation.

Stylish bike storage solutions for your garage from Garageflex

This garage is any cyclists dream!  The customer is very into cycling and came to us as he had several bikes that he needed to store but wasn’t quite sure where to start.

Luckily, he had plenty of space to add in bike storage with two rooms of his garage space being able to take our Vertical Bike Racks.  To see the full case study on this garage makeover, click here.


Stylish bike storage solutions for your garage from Garageflex

Installed in Cambridge in 2016, an Interior Designer came to us with ideas she was proposing for a new customer who wanted to create a tidy space, with room for his bikes.

A combination of Horizontal Bike Racks and Vertical Bike Racks were intalled to give storage options, and some interest to the garage walls!

To see further images of this garage, click here.


Stylish bike storage solutions for your garage from Garageflex

Completed in 2019, this garage in Gloucestershire only had one bike to store so it was nice to make a bit of a feature of it on the main wall as you look into the garage.

Our Horizontal Bike Rack was used here and stores it very nicely.  You can also buy this rack from our online store with some FlexiTrack so you can re-create the look at home.  Click here to find out more.


Stylish bike storage solutions for your garage from Garageflex

This customer in Lincolnshire opted to have three Horizontal Bike Racks installed on his wall so they are all ready for the next family bike ride!


Bike Storage Solutions for your garage wall

This lovely bike shed was completed in 2019 in Wimbledon.  The owner already had a free standing bike rack which they wanted to continue using but they had lots of extra bits that they wanted to store neatly on the wall.

Design Consultant, Abigail Leonard came up with a design to add in shelves, baskets and hooks so that all the smaller items could be neatly sorted and organised.  We think this looks great!

Once again, all of these items can easily be put on a strip of FlexiTrack which you simply screw into your wall. Find out more about how to do it here.


Ceiling storage for your bikes

The owner of this garage in Surrey was keen to make use of his high ceilings in the garage space and so asked us to create a pulley system whereby this could be done.

Using a series of bike hoists, we were able to create this for him.  Thereby freeing up the floor space for his car.

These hoists aren’t available on our store at the moment but do get in touch if you are interested and we can advise you how it can be done!


Of course this isn’t a complete listing of all the bike storage we’ve installed over the years but it gives you a pretty good taster of the options available.

To find out how we can help you, give us a call on 01491 579975 or send us an email to info@garageflex.co.uk and we would be delighted to help!



5 ***** Google Reviews!

We have just started to ask our customers to review us on Google and are delighted that so far we have 5 reviews, all by recent customers who have each given us a 5* Review.

We have taken a snapshot of each of these reviews but if you would like to look at them on Google, please click here.

Middlesex Testimonial on Google
Google Testimonial Hampshire
Kent Testimonial
Lisa Cooper Testimonial.

Alastair Broom features in the Henley Standard

MD Alastair Broom has recently joined the Henley Business Partnership and was interviewed by Director, David Reynolds for a piece in the Henley Standard.  This interview came out on Friday 14th June 2019 and we were delighted to see it!

Let’s Get Down to Business: Alastair Broom, GarageFlex

Let's Get Down to Business: Alistair Broom, GarageFlex

ALASTAIR BROOM is the proprietor of Garageflex, which installs residential garage storage systems, with headquarters at Westfield Farm in Medmenham. Born and raised in Maidenhead, he went to boarding schools in Wiltshire and Dorset and then had various jobs, including diamond sorter and squash coach, followed by a few years with an insurance broker. He then spent three years travelling around the world. He supported himself by working and his jobs included sugar cane harvester and fruit picker. When he returned to the UK, Alastair took up a friend’s offer to become an estate agent. He spent several years working at Giddy & Giddy in Maidenhead, which was acquired by Hamptons, and he became a main board director. Alastair lives in Lane End with his wife Barbara. They were married in 1978 and have two grown-up children and four grandchildren. Alastair loves playing golf, watching cricket and working on his allotment. He is a member of the Henley Business Partnership.

Describe your business

We design and install bespoke garage storage and organising systems in residential properties. We offer a range of wall storage solutions, including cabinets, shelves and bike racks, storage accessories for ceilings and a choice of resin and tiles for floors. Our aim is to help our customers transform their garage to whatever they may want it to become, ranging from a home gym to an office, while providing neat storage for garden tools, sports equipment, bicycles and even cars!

How many people does it employ?

There are 10 of us covering fitting, sales, marketing and the back office, including Barbara, who works two days a week.

What did you do before you started this business?

After leaving Hamptons I set up, with a partner, Stump Busters, which we ran together for eight years but I slowly became bored. The property market was well accustomed to trends, such as conservatories, orangeries, patio decking, hot tubs etc., and while discussing this with Barbara one evening it occurred to me that nobody had considered the potential for transforming garages. I researched the idea and found a company in America which had developed the market there, so I flew out and negotiated the UK distribution rights.

When did you start your business?

In December 2005.

What was your objective?

I still felt young enough, healthy and fit enough and ambitious enough to give something new a go.

Who and what influenced you?

I put that down to having sufficient confidence in myself and determination to make it succeed.

Do you have a mentor or role model?

Yes. For the last five or six years I’ve had a business coach and I also belong to a mentoring group.

What would you do differently if you could start again?

I would probably look for a partner and expand more quickly. And maybe invest more in technology.

How is your business doing?

Last year was our best ever and after a bit of a slow start we are now looking to do even better this year.

How do you market your business?

We have a strong website with good promotions. We advertise in the magazines that we know work. Exhibitions, social media, referrals, recommendations and developing partnerships with related but non-competitive business are all part of our strategy. The Henley House and Garden Show was brilliant for us.

How important are online sales?

Very. We have an online store and most of our enquiries come from our website. DIY enthusiasts looking to transform their garage can buy everything they need from us online.

What’s the best thing about running your own business?

The people I work with — we have a great team. And knowing that the service and product we offer our customers really does make a difference.

What’s the most challenging aspect?

Day-to-day issues that I have to deal with as the buck stops with me.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned?

That I am actually dispensable!

What would you advise someone starting a business?

Thoroughly research it. Talk to someone who is doing something similar and make sure you are young enough to have time to recover from any mistakes.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made?

I stayed involved with the US company for too long.

What three qualities are most important to success?

Honesty, a hard work ethic and a strong belief in what you are doing.

What’s the secret of your success?

Passion for what we do. Selling a service which people can trust and having a unique product.

How organised are you?

Fairly. I like systems and spreadsheets and, in the words of one customer, I like to have a place for everything and for everything to have a place.

How do you dress for work each day?

We have a smart casual uniform, shirts and sweaters bearing our brand name.

What can’t you be without every day?

My smartphone and some of my homemade marmalade.

Lunch at your desk or going out?

Either at my desk, while out walking, or on the run.

What do you read?

Lots of business books, autobiographies, thrillers, the Sunday Times and BBC News online.

How are you planning for retirement?

I don’t expect to be doing this 10 years from now but I’d like to have somebody take up the reins and continue to grow it so I can gradually let go. With four grandchildren, I’d like more time with the family, to travel more and to improve my golf handicap. I’d also like to do some voluntary work with, say, the National Trust.

Recent garage installation in Dorset

How lovely to share with you this beautifully bright garage in Dorset that our fantastic team of fitters completed last week.

The garage doesn’t have to be dark and dingy as this beautifully bright garage in Dorset shows. Adding our white wall cladding helps bounce light around the garage, even if you don’t have any windows and creates a brighter space.

This garage makeover was completed by Garageflex in June 2019.


Does this inspire you to get your garage sorted out?  Give us a call to talk through your requirements on 01491 579975 or email us at info@garageflex.co.uk and we would be delighted to help.

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