Ceiling Storage PowerTrack | Hang items from your Ceiling | Length of 2500 mm


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Do you struggle to store items on your garage ceiling? Our PowerTrack makes it really easy as it fixed to your garage ceiling joists and then a whole range of hooks can easily be slotted in without the need for glue, nails, screws or any other fastener.

The FX9150 Ceiling PowerTrack is the major component of the Garageflex Ceiling System from which all the hooks, racks and hangers are installed. The PowerTrack is mounted to the garage ceiling joists.  The hooks, hangers, racks have twist connectors which allow quick mounting or removal. There are no permanent fasteners required.

The concept of the Ceiling PowerTrack System is the same as having FlexiPanel installed on the walls and using different storage and organisation accessories that can be moved easily (without fasteners).

A typical installation usually is to have the PowerTrack channel mounted on the ceiling. Two length screws are shipped with this package. 1 5/8” lg. for mounting directly to joists and 3” lg. for mounting through drywall to the joists.

Product Details

Part Number: FX9150
Load Capacity: Not applicable
  2500 mm (W), 20.8mm (H), 41mm (D)
Shipping Weight:
Shipping Method: Courier
Assembly Required: Yes
Assembly Difficulty: Minor, click here for the Assembly Sheet

Package Contents:  1 x PowerTrack (2500mm in length), 4 x end covers, 10 x 1 5/8” screws 10 x 3” screws, 10 x washers and 1 x assembly sheet.

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