Create a garage to suit your lifestyle

Having been designing and installing bespoke storage solutions for over 10 years, we’ve helped hundreds of customers create their ideal fitted garage.


We offer a flexible range of wall storage solutions including cabinets and bike racks as well as a choice of resin or tiles for your floor to create your perfect space.

The Garageflex storage system is designed to handle the huge range of weird and wonderful items you need to store: golf clubs, gym kit, paddling pools, skis, garden equipment and more bikes than you’d have thought possible.  The system is wall mounted, keeping all your storage off the floor and giving you a more usable area.  And you’ll be able to find what you need, when you need it.  You might even be able to fit in a car or two.

But the possibilities don’t end there.

The system is completely flexible; you can move cupboards, racks and hooks around as and when you want to, as well as adding in more storage accessories when you need to – without drilling a single hole.  And if you move home, you can take the fixtures and fittings with you to add to your new house.  We believe that however you want to use your garage, whether it be a home gym, utility room, office, playroom or somewhere your classic car looks at home, it should be a functional space that looks great and works for all the family.

So how do you get from chaos to calm?

It’s up to you. You can either ask us to professionally design and fit the system, giving you advice on the best design to suit your lifestyle.  Or you can purchase our entire range online at our e-store and install yourself.  Whatever option you decide on you can rest assured that there will be no ‘hard sell’.  Not everyone needs an entire garage makeover and we respect that. 

If you would like us to design and fit the garage for you, please click here to find out more about this process.

Our only word of warning: Once you’ve got a Garageflex garage, you’ll never want to be without it.

Your garage. Your lifestyle. Your choice.

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Doing It Yourself?


Our Solutions

Garage Wall Storage Solutions

A typical garage has three walls suitable for storage and here at Garageflex we want to help you make the most of this space. Click here to find out more about the options available.

Garage Resin & Tile Flooring Solutions

With any garage the floor is an important factor. Whether you want to create more storage, park your car or create a home gym, the floor has to be right and fit for purpose. Click here to find out more.

Garage Ceiling Storage Solutions

Are you making the most of your garage ceiling? Whilst you may have some wall storage, the chances are that you have forgotten the space above your head. Click here to see our solutions.

Garage Doors

We are delighted to offer a selection of Roller Shutter and Sectional Garage Doors to the Garageflex range of services. Click here to find out more about these solutions

See some more epic makeovers

We have seen many garages over the years, from those which are crammed to the brim with junk to ones which just need a general tidy up.  Need some inspiration of what we can do with your garage? Click here to see some examples of how we’ve helped others.

Garage Makeover

Most of our customers opt for a Complete Garage Makeover which includes fitting the garage with a selection from: Cladding to all walls, a good range of wall storage and activity items, a choice of floor, cladding the ceiling and adding some additional storage, insulating the walls and ceiling, installation of a new garage door. Read more about our Garage Makeovers.

Garage Floor – Garage Floor Tiles & Resin Flooring

We offer two types of flooring perfect for the residential garage: Floor Tiles and Resin Floors.  Both options provide an extremely hardwearing finish and come in a variety of colours to compliment your garage colour scheme.Find out more from our Garage Flooring – Tiles & Resin page.

Garage Wall Systems

Our wall storage offers complete flexibility to move items around as and when you want to and because everything is off the floor, cleaning is made easy. Find out more from our Garage Storage Solutions page.

Garage Shelving

We have plenty of shelving options to make the most of your garage wall space including heavy duty shelves and shelving units. Read more on our Garage Storage Cabinets page.

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