FX7005B 1200mm Shelf Liners x 2



The FX7005 1200mm Shelf is one of our best sellers and yet we are often asked whether we have any shelves which are solid.  To this end, we have introduced a new Shelf Liner which is made to exactly fit our 1200mm shelf and allow you the flexibility of storing items on the shelf without them falling through the gaps.
This listing is offering two shelf liners which works out cheaper than purchasing a single liner.  We recommend this liner is only used with the 1200mm Shelf.


Product Details
Part Number: FX7005B
Load Capacity: 36kg, UL rated
Dimensions:  1219mm (W), (381mm (D), 3mm (H)
Shipping Weight: 1kg
Shipping Method: Courier
Assembly Required: No
Assembly Difficulty: Not applicable
Related Installation Requirements: Installs on the 1200mm Shelf
Package Contents:  2 x 1200mm Shelf Liner

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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