Hanger Hooks | Set of 2 | Installs on Shelves and Racks


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The FX4014 Hanger Hook package is a set of two hooks that install on our 1200mm Shelf, 600mm Shelf or our Overhead Storage Rack and can hold just about anything.

Product Details

Part Number: FX4014    

Load Capacity:  4.5kg UL Rated

Dimensions: 25mm (W), 113mm (H), 216mm (D)
Shipping Weight: 1kg
Shipping Method: Courier
Assembly Required: No
Assembly Difficulty: Not Applicable
Related Installation Requirements: Installs on the 1200mm Shelf, 600mm Shelf and Overhead Storage Rack.

Package Contents:  1 x Hanger Hook

Additional information

Weight 0.907 kg


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