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Some Examples of Recent Garage Makeovers

To find out more about each makeover, hover over the images with case study links

Here are a small selection of our before and after shots, to see the full list click here

Before: The garage was full of bikes

After: The garage is now clutter free with bike hooks to hold 6 bikes.

Before: The garage was cluttered and full of items

After: The garage is now streamlined and organised

Before: The garage was plain concrete walls and floor

After: Storage is now installed along with a workbench for DIY

Before: Although the new build garage was bright, it lacked storage

After: The garage now boasts plenty of storage

Before: This new build garage looked good but needed a wow factor.

After: The newly fitted out garage is now immaculate and boasts useful storage space.

Whilst a lovely big space, the garage was dark and dusty.

The whole space is now bright, organised and looks stunning

The garage was bare walls and a concrete floor

The garage is now clean, tidy and organised

Dark, cluttered and in need of an update.

Chalfont St Giles - Before

Now the items is bright and clean with plenty of storage options.

Chalfont St Giles - After

Before: The dusty concrete floor wasn't much to look at, it felt unloved and forgotten.

Hampshire Floor - Before

After: The light grey floor tiles bring a modern flavour to the garage and instantly cleans the space up.

Hampshire Floor - After

Before: Storage shelving was installed but old, rickety and not really fulfilling its purpose. The owner wanted to update the space and make it into a visually appealing garage.

Willetts - Before

After: The garage is now completely transformed. Old wooden pillars have been removed to open the area out, leaving the space clean, cluttered and looking fantastic.

Willetts - After

This page shows a small selection of our makeovers, to see the full list click here

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