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Some Examples of Recent Garage Makeovers

To find out more about each makeover, hover over the images with case study links

Here are a small selection of our before and after shots, to see the full list click here

Before: The garage lacked storage with items piled up on the floor

After: There is now plenty of space to store items to keep it all neat and tidy

Before: This Huf Haus garage was lacking storage

After: Now it has hooks, cabinets, racks and shelving to make the most of the space

Before: The garage was bright but lacking storage

After: Plenty of storage now available with a new cupboard to hide the boiler and pipework

Before: The space was cluttered and full of cobwebs

After: The sleek garage design is now spacious and full of storage, but best of all looks fantastic

Before: A garage in need of a makeover

After: Now it is clean, bright and organised

Before: A brick wall and concrete floor garage

After: A magical makeover with clean lines and is now a brighter space

Before: Dark and uninviting

After: The perfect family space

Before: A drafty barn style garage was in need of some modernisation

After: The garage is now secure, safe and keeps its feature beams

Before: The customer wanted to split this single garage into useable spaces

After: There is now a home gym and a storage room

Before: The garage was cluttered with no-where for items to be stored.

After: Now the garage is bright, clean, tidy and looks fantastic.

Before: The new home owners wanted to make best use of their garage space.

After: The garage has been fitted out with wall cladding, hooks and racks to give plenty of usable storage.

This page shows a small selection of our makeovers, to see the full list click here

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