Makeovers List

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Before: The shed was dark and not a very inspiring exercise space

After: Now there is a beautiful home gym, bright, light and perfect for the daily workout

Before: The garage was very dusty and dark

After: The garage is now bright and dust free

Before: This single garage was a plain shell of a space

After: Clean, tidy and organised!

Before: This Huf Haus garage was lacking storage

After: Now it has hooks, cabinets, racks and shelving to make the most of the space

Before: The garage was bright but lacking storage

After: Plenty of storage now available with a new cupboard to hide the boiler and pipework

Before: The space was cluttered and full of cobwebs

After: The sleek garage design is now spacious and full of storage, but best of all looks fantastic

Before: A garage in need of a makeover

After: Now it is clean, bright and organised

Before: A brick wall and concrete floor garage

After: A magical makeover with clean lines and is now a brighter space

Before: Dark and uninviting

After: The perfect family space

Before: A drafty barn style garage was in need of some modernisation

After: The garage is now secure, safe and keeps its feature beams

Before: The customer wanted to split this single garage into useable spaces

After: There is now a home gym and a storage room

Before: The garage was cluttered with no-where for items to be stored.

After: Now the garage is bright, clean, tidy and looks fantastic.

Before: The new home owners wanted to make best use of their garage space.

After: The garage has been fitted out with wall cladding, hooks and racks to give plenty of usable storage.

Before: The garage had bare walls and floor.

After: The added mirror bounces light around the room

Before: The garage was typical of the garages we see.

After: Now the boilers, pipes and meters are tidied away making it look clean, tidy and organised.

Before: The garage was beyond cluttered and in need of a good declutter.

After: Once the clutter was removed, our fitters could get on transforming the space into a clean, bright and useful space.

Before: The garage was full of bikes

After: The garage is now clutter free with bike hooks to hold 6 bikes.

Before: The garage was cluttered and full of items

After: The garage is now streamlined and organised

Before: The garage was plain concrete walls and floor

After: Storage is now installed along with a workbench for DIY

Before: Although the new build garage was bright, it lacked storage

After: The garage now boasts plenty of storage

Before: This new build garage looked good but needed a wow factor.

After: The newly fitted out garage is now immaculate and boasts useful storage space.

Whilst a lovely big space, the garage was dark and dusty.

The whole space is now bright, organised and looks stunning

The garage was bare walls and a concrete floor

The garage is now clean, tidy and organised

Dark, cluttered and in need of an update.

Now the items is bright and clean with plenty of storage options.

Before: The dusty concrete floor wasn't much to look at, it felt unloved and forgotten.

After: The light grey floor tiles bring a modern flavour to the garage and instantly cleans the space up.

Before: Storage shelving was installed but old, rickety and not really fulfilling its purpose. The owner wanted to update the space and make it into a visually appealing garage.

After: The garage is now completely transformed. Old wooden pillars have been removed to open the area out, leaving the space clean, cluttered and looking fantastic.

Before: This garage in Swindon was cluttered, dark and uninspiring.

After: Now, finished with metal cabinets, floor tiles and wall cladding, it looks fantastic and provides the owner with lots of space to work on his classic car.

Before: The garage was full of suitcases, boxes and gym equipment. Nothing really matched and there were lots of trip hazards around.

After: Although shown from a slightly different angle, you can see that the garage is clean and tidy. Newly installed metal cabinets allow the owners to put everything away, with shutters that come down and lock to keep items safe. The floor is now clear and the owners were delighted with the garage transformation.

Before: The garage was a blank canvas

After: A stunning transformation turns it into a fantastic garage

Before: The floor was cracked, pitted and stained. How could the owner rectify it and create a floor that looked good?

After: Once repaired and levelled, floor tiles could be laid over the top to create a fit for purpose garage floor.

Before: The doors were functional but were not opening smoothly.

After: The doors now exclude draughts, stop leaves and add real kerb appeal to this property.

Before: The garage floor was bare concrete, created lots of dust and didn't really give the garage any wow factor.

After: The striking floor tiles now makes a real statement in the garage, eliminate the dust from the concrete and even helps with parking of the car. Win-Win!

This new build was bare concrete walls and was in need of some storage solutions.

Our Design Consultant helped the client create zones in her garage and incorporated wall and ceiling storage into the overall scheme. Click on the image to see the Case Study.

Before: Plain and Ordinary, this garage in Wiltshire needed a revamp

After: Now it truly is fabulous!

Before: Nothing really had its own space, items were piled up on every surface and crying out for some good garage storage solutions.

After: The garage is tidied up, everything has its place and the floor is left uncluttered.

Before: The garage was dusty, filled up with lots of little bits and showed the ugly pipework and metres found in most garages.

After: Now the garage is clean, uncluttered and perfect for all the family to enjoy.

Before: The concrete floor was dusty and didn't look great.

After: A beautifully seamless Resin Floor installed. The customer is absolutely delighted with the results.

Before: Although well organised, the garage was dusty, damp and dark.

After: The customer now has plenty of space to store his items away or hang them on the well. Plus our white FlexiPanel and Ceiling materials make the garage feel lighter and brighter.

Before: The garage was a bit tired with bare walls and floor

After: The Slate Grey Resin Floor looks stunning, as do the Anthracite Grey Metal Cabinets providing plenty of wall storage for the happy customer.

When we started at the Double Your House garage it was just a newly built shell.

Once finished it was transformed into the 'man cave' that the owner craved.

BEFORE - a cluttered and dark garage ripe for a Garageflex makeover!

AFTER - the finished result in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire is fabulous and allows the owner to keep all his items clear of the floor in an organised manner.

Sorry we don't have an image of the garage before the Garageflex makeover.

This garage has a bold tiled floor, plenty of storage and even some lockers for the kids bits and bobs.

The garage doors were a little untidy and could do with some TLC

Now the doors add real sparkle to the owners kerb appeal!

Sorry we don't have an image of the garage before hand.

After: the bold lines of the garage floor bring a real wow factor. Plus storage on the walls make it a practical solution too.

Sorry we don't have an image of the garage before hand.

The garage was cluttered, dark and desperately in need of good storage.

Its is bright, clean and looks great with workbenches, shelving and a tiled floor.

Before: This huge garage was plain and dusty and the owner wanted a clean space to store his collection of cars.

After: The garage is now the perfect place to store all the customer's beloved cars. It is also clean, bright and has storage units too.

The floor was painted but had become marked and cracked.

The floor is simply unrecognisable once it has been laid with our floor tiles in light and dark grey.

Many of our customers move into a house and realise that the garage doors are just not big enough to fit their car through to park them in their garage.

Thankfully there is a solution. We have partnered up with a local garage door company and can now offer updating your garage doors as part of a wider garage makeover. The before and after shots show how this customer went from a two door garage to a one door garage where he can now easily get his car in. For more information click

BEFORE - a very busy garage in Weybridge, Surrey

AFTER - a total transformation!

Sorry we don't have an image of the garage before hand.

This fantastic garage makeover took place in Manchester in August 2015. Click on the image below to see more photos.

BEFORE: The garage had bare walls with lots of cabling and pipework creating a dull place to be.

AFTER: Now all the metres and pipework have been tidied away creating a sleek and seamless finish along with a brighter and tidier garage.

This garage had lots of metres and electrical items on the wall, looking ugly.

Our fitters boxed everything in as part of the garage installation and it is now clean, tidy and easy to access.

The garage was chaotic and difficult to access anything.

Our fitters boxed everything in as part of the garage installation and it is now clean, tidy and easy to access.

This conversion request came from the owner of this shed which was cluttered and untidy.

Now the shed has been completely transformed and is clean, functional and ready for all the items to be put back in.

BEFORE - South of France

AFTER - South of France

The garage is tidy but could do with some sprucing up.

Now it is immaculate with everything tidied away and in the right place.

Before: This single garage was dark and unwelcoming

After: The garage is now light, bright and has accessories to store everything neatly and tidily.

The garage had plenty of ugly pipework making the garage feel very industrial.

Now all the nasty pipework and systems have been hidden into a sleek, clean and stylish wall.

Toys are piled up on the floor causing trip hazards and looking disorganised.

Now there is plenty of storage to tidy the toys away, keeping all clutter off the floor.

Before: The garage was cluttered and untidy

After: Everything is clean, tidy and looking great

BEFORE - a standard single garage where the customer wanted storage to keep lots of household items

AFTER - a clean, bright and safe place ready for the customer's items to be reinstalled!

BEFORE - a garage that was looking for some order!

AFTER - now with complete order!

BEFORE - a garage in need of some planning and storage

AFTER - and it got it - plenty of storage with walls, floor and ceiling covered!

BEFORE - a busy, single garage in Oxford

AFTER - now fully transformed to give great storage!

BEFORE - a tired garage in Sunningdale, Berkshire

AFTER - with a resin floor, FlexiPanel walls, ceiling and wall storage

BEFORE - a single garage in Maidenhead, Berkshire

AFTER - now with a resin floor, FlexiPanel walls and ceiling

BEFORE - a classic garage in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire

AFTER - a stunning Garageflex transformation!

BEFORE - a barn-style garage near Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire

AFTER - a smart makeover!

BEFORE - a double length garage in South London

AFTER - fully 'madeover' and ready for action!

BEFORE - a double garage (for the Maserati!) in Maidenhead, Berkshire

AFTER - with FlexiPanel walls, tiled floor and ceiling!