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Garage Resin Floors

When you are looking for a garage floor that’s stylish, yet perfect for the garage environment, look no further than a seamless MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) Resin coating.

Unlike Epoxy coatings which can quickly peel or flake, MMA is very tough and can last for up to twenty years. And because we are so sure about the standard of the product, we give you a 10 year warranty so you get peace of mind that your new floor will last.

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MMA is very quick to lay. For example a double garage can be completed in one day and walked on within an hour of the final coat being laid. Our lead time is 3-5 weeks for a floor only installation or it can be combined with a Complete Garage Makeover.

Our MMA Resin Floors have to be installed by a trained professional as part of a four step process. This includes preparation of the floor to ensure it is level and ready to take the coating. Next the coating is added and smoothed before the flake is scattered on. Finally the sealant is laid over the top.

To get a quote for installing a resin floor into your garage please call us on 01491 579975 or email us at

Our prices are subject to a visit by a specialist from our Resin team who will survey the floor which will include laying a small sample of Primer in a discreet corner of the floor to test the sub structure.

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Our MMA resin coatings are a commercial application that we have used in residential garages for some years now. However, there are certain points to be aware of:

Available styles and colours

You can choose from a range of colours and also whether you would prefer a smaller or larger flake to be used. Grey is our most popular colour and co-ordinates very well with our white wall panelling whereas the Slate Grey and Cobalt Blue provide a nice contrast. It really depends on your preferred colour scheme and how much use from vehicles your floor is going to have.

Available styles and colours

  • Floors up to 55 square metres take only one day to lay
  • The rapid drying times mean you can walk on the floor within an hour
  • All our flooring options come with a 10 year product warranty
  • Resin provides a seamless and clean finish which won’t yellow or fade
  • Provides a fantastic finish which is extremely hardwearing
  • Easy to clean
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