D Hanger Hook

D Hanger Hook

This hook features a D shape with a flat holding surface to safely hold bulky items such as ladders, timber, fishing rods, chairs or seasonal items. The load capacity for each hook is 18kg and can be used with our PowerTrack Ceiling System to easily move them around.

Dimensions: 177mm (W), 254mm (H), 12.7mm (D).

What next?

If you think that our C Hanger Hook could be a great addition to your garage ceiling, your next step is to think about how you can install this in your own garage.

Have a Complete Garage Makeover

Complete Garage Makeover

This means installing panelling on all three walls in your garage, laying a floor and adding in a good range of storage accessories such as cabinets, shelves and hooks. Having a Complete Garage Makeover involves panelling all three walls of the garage, laying a floor and installing storage accessories such as cabinets, shelves and racks.

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