Case Study: An interesting garage floor combination

Last week our fitters were down in Ringwood in Dorset fitting out a double garage. As well as our fantastic bespoke storage that is tailored to each individual garage that we see, the customer was keen to do something different with his floor.

Our Design Consultant, Abi Leonard, went down to see the couple to discuss their requirements further. To answer the brief of the floor, Abi suggested using a combination of smooth and raised disk floor tiles with a mixture of colours and patterns. The customer agreed with this and the rest of the garage design that Abi outlined and quoted for, and the job was booked in.

As you can see from the photos in this case study, the floor really works and creates a real pop of colour against the white walls of our FlexiPanel. In addition, our fitters installed a threshold barrier against the garage door. This creates a barrier against water, leaves and other debris coming into the garage. It also reduces down draughts making it a much nicer place to be on a cold Winter’s day.

To find out how your garage could be re-designed, contact Abi on 07467 941025 or download our brochure now.