Case Study: You CAN fit a car into a single garage!

For those of you out there with a single garage who think you can’t fit a car into it, here’s the proof that you can! Ok it is a bit tight but it can be done.

After purchasing a new house from Berkeley Homes this customer found that, as with most new builds, he didn’t have enough storage space in his house. So where to keep everything? The answer is of course the garage. But what do you do if the garage has bare walls, no shelving, cupboards or storage installed AND you want to keep your car in there too? The customer decided to call Alastair Broom to see how Garageflex could help.

After going over to Taplow to discuss the project with the customer, a plan was drawn up to make the most of the height of the garage. This meant adding in storage above the height of the car such as shelves and overhead ceiling racks. And, as a keen golfer, a golf storage element was included too along with a grey tiled floor, hooks and a cabinet.

This solved all the customer’s problems. He can now use the garage to store all his stuff plus get his car in too. The customer testimonial video below gives us the customer’s thoughts on his Garageflex installation and how much he loves our products.