Case Study: Renting? Try FlexiTrack for your storage needs

One of our first customers recently moved house and decided to take a lot of his Garageflex units with him. He told us that he loved his garage system and knew he would want to have it again in his next place. Unfortunately, it was a long term rental and he had a lot of “stuff” to store. Given it was a rental property, he didn’t want to spend too much on someone’s else’s house so I suggested he put everything he could on our FlexiTrack system. He agreed and we put FlexiTrack in his garage, boiler room and storage room. The overall cost was very reasonable and it gave him exactly what he wanted.

So he’s now happy knowing everything is sensibly stored and he can take it with him when he moves on. And the landlord is delighted as he has a FlexiTrack for the next tenant!