Case Study: Beautiful garage installation in Cobham, Surrey

We have many customers who are ready to do their garage installation project straight away, but not all. This customer first got in touch with us in 2008 but it wasn’t until late 2017 when building work had finished on his property that he was ready to go ahead.

Having panelled all three walls with our FlexiTrack plus a floor, new doors and a ceiling, this project is what we call a Complete Garage Makeover. You can find out more about this here.

Once the FlexiTrack was installed on the walls, we added in a couple of Tall Cabinets, Wine Storage Racks, Shelving and a Workbench to solve all the customer’s problems. We also helped him match up his new garage doors in a black Georgian style to fit with the rest of his house.

In some of the images you can see a white metal panel, this is covering up a boiler and metre area. So if it needs to be accessed, the metal plate can easily be removed without taking off all the wall panels.

This really was a lovely project to be involved in and we are delighted with the result, as is the customer. For us, this really does have lots of kerb appeal.