Case Study: See How FlexiTrack Can Be Used

We know that every garage is different. You may wish to add just a small amount of storage or just have a need for something small to fit a particular area. That’s where our FlexiTrack strips come in.

FlexiTrack are strips of panel which can be easily cut to fit your available space. They can be fixed to the wall and from which the majority of our accessories can be hung, ideal if you wish to use Garageflex products but do not want to panel your entire wall. It is available to buy for DIY installation from just £12.90 per 97 inch length including P&P.

A piece of FlexiTrack can take something small like a shelf or add in three lengths and hang a Wall Cabinet. This means it gives you the ultimate amount of flexibility yet allows you to create storage that works for you.

For assembly instructions, click here. But here’s one we prepared earlier!

Step 1: Attach FlexiTrack to your wall


Step 2: Shelves, brackets and baskets now added ready to store your items


Step 3: All garage items are added and are stored quickly and easily with no fuss


You’ll be amazed at what products can be stored on these strips from Bike Racks to Hooks and from Hobby Centres to Tool Holders. In fact we also offer something we call Complete Solutions which is FlexiTrack supplied with a certain selection of our products to make it even simpler and they start from just £40.

As with all Garageflex products, this allows complete flexibility to move your items where you wish on the FlexiTrack and below you will find some examples of how our FlexiTrack product has been used in garages across the country.

Or you can buy via our e-store click on the link below.