Case Study: An Extraordinary Garage Makeover

Although best known for our traditional wall, ceiling and flooring solutions, for this customer we did something extraordinary. Mr S wanted to update his garage with wall storage to hold all his sports equipment as well as creating an overflow kitchen area for those larger family events when the space in the house was just not big enough. On top of that, he also wanted to update his garage door to increase security, create more usable space and stop all the draughts from coming in AND sort out access to his loft space above the garage.

Alastair Broom went to visit and talked Mr S though all the options and how the process would work. He left him with a detailed plan and an accurate cost for Garageflex to complete the work. Work was undertaken in mid November 2015 and took roughly 5 days to complete.

As you can see from the finished result, the floor is now superbly smooth and bright, the wall storage for his bike, golf clubs and other bits keep the floor area clear of clutter and the kitchen units add a real wow factor. The old garage door has been replaced by a slick Roller Shutter door (to see more of this service click here) and means that he can now park his car right up against it without the fear of scratching his car or having to move it to open the door and access to the loft area has been updated and made easily accessible. Needless to say, Mr S is delighted with the result and so are we.