Case Study: Great Storage Solutions and a Striking Tiled Floor in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire

This lovely double fitted garage in Buckinghamshire was perfect for a Garageflex makeover. The owners wanted to tidy everything up, put storage on the walls and lay a flooring that would reduce dust whilst being easy to keep clean.

Alastair Broom went over to see the customer to take measurements, draw up plans and leave them with a CAD drawing and quote for the completed garage. As you can see from the photos, we panelled all walls in the garage, added in a selection of storage units such as Cupboards, Shelving and Racks as well as laying a striking tiled floor that compliments the garage. The fitters even added in a small cupboard so that the boiler and metres were easily accessible yet hidden.

The whole makeover took only 4 days installed by our fantastic team of fitters. The customer is delighted with the transformation!