Case Study: West Yorkshire Case Study with FlexiPanel and FlexiTrack

This customer in Yorkshire contacted our Design Consultant David Starbuck-Edwards to find out more about a Garageflex fitted garage. David went to visit him at his home to give him more information on our range and how it works. He also measured the garage up and left him with a design plan so he could visually see what his garage could look like once fitted out.

How did we transform the garage?

Some of the Gallery Photos show the garage before our team of fitters arrived. Next you can see one wall once the timber battens had been added. Finally the FlexiPanel is added to this wall to complete the process. FlexiPanel are our full wall panels and cover the whole of the garage wall meaning you can move items such as Cabinets and Shelves around as and when you wish. The other two walls were painted white to blend in with the rest of the decor and then FlexiTrack added. Our FlexiTrack is a good option if you don’t want to clad the whole wall but still want to add storage. Its also beneficial if you have a smaller space as it can be cut to fit any space you have in your garage, shed or utility area.

And finally…

We finished the garage off with a Tiled Floor. The owner opted for our Dark Grey Raised Disk tiles for the edge and centre with a Smooth Yellow tile border. Floor Tiles are a great addition to any garage as they offer anti-slip properties, insulate from the damp and get rid of cement dust.

The whole fit-out took three days by our team of professional fitters who are on hand to answer any questions during the process.

If you live in or around Yorkshire and would like to find out how we can transform your garage, then please speak to our Design Consultant for this area. You can find out more about David Starbuck-Edwards and his experience by clicking here or by emailing him at