Case Study: Creating a dog friendly garage in Gloucestershire

Wanting to make their garage more dog friendly and a perfect space for a spot of grooming, the owners got in touch to see how we could help.

Let us tell you a little more about it...

Managing Director, Alastair Broom, provided some designs to install some of our metal cabinets, worktops and storage hooks to help them use the space more efficiently, all via a virtual appointment!

The owners loved the ideas and our fitters arrived in July 2021 to start installing all the elements.

Walls have been left cleanly painted with a full suite of metal cabinetry all installed free-standing or attached to the walls. Overhead ceiling units added for even more storage options and floor tiles were laid.

The owners now have no mess or clutter when it is time to do some dog grooming.

And the space looks lovely, clean and organised.