Case Study: Oxfordshire Case Study includes Resin Floor, Metal Cabinets and plenty of storage

Mr W contacted us back in December 2015 for options on how he could sort out his garage and introduce storage. We talked him through the options and we left it that he would come back to us when he was ready to proceed. In late 2016 he contacted us again to confirm he was ready to go ahead and Alastair Broom, the Managing Director of Garageflex, visited him in his home to take measurements, discuss his requirements and draw up plans for the new garage space.

This was a newly built triple garage that was plastered and painted but lacked any storage or a decent floor. Alastair’s recommendations included adding in FlexiPanel to both side walls to use for storage including Bike Racks, hooks and hangers whilst utilising the long back wall for cabinets. The customer was keen to have metal cabinets and chose three sets of our cupboard and drawer range in Anthracite Grey as well as a Light Grey Resin Floor which we call Linen Grey. It was then scheduled in for April 2017 once other works had been completed to the house.

First to be completed was the wonderful seamless Resin Floor which took one day to install. Next the team of fitters arrived to start panelling the side walls with FlexiPanel and installing the metal cabinets to the back wall. The result is a stylish space that oozes class and the owner is absolutely delighted.

Once completed we were able to go back and take these fantastic images of the finished project and also a short video giving you a panoramic view of the garage.