Case Study: A beautiful new home for these cars

This customer in Leicestershire contacted Garageflex in March 2021 to see how we could help him create a cleaner garage to store his two beautiful cars in.

Design Consultant, Serena Edwards worked with the customer via a Virtual Design Presentation to create a brighter space that would be much easier to keep clean. Plus it would be a much nicer space to keep the two cars in. So let's see how we can transform it!

With walls and ceiling clad in our white panel, the space is now much brighter with all nooks and crannies hidden away. The cars now look right at home in this beautiful space.

Metal cabinets and a workbench were installed along with wall hooks and a combination of light grey and graphite floor tiles. Even a new loft hatch was installed to the upper part of the garage can still be accessed above.