Case Study: Outstanding fitted garage makeover in Amersham, Buckinghamshire

Although on our mailing list for several years, it was only recently that this customer decided he was ready to fit out his garage with Garageflex products. Alastair Broom went to see the family in Amersham, Buckinghamshire to design the garage and left the family with a CAD drawing and quote to think about.

A few tweaks to the details and the installation was scheduled in the Garageflex calendar. A few weeks later our fantastic fitters Mark and Nigel arrived on site to start the installation process. First they fit timber battens to the wall followed by screwing in our FlexiPanel. Next comes the ceiling and finally the floor tiles. In this garage the customer also had a beautiful Ferrari image with which to include as well and our fitters were more than happy to incorporate this into the overall scheme.

We think this looks absolutely stunning and the customer was pretty happy too.