Case Study: New build single garage completed with Zones for bikes and tools

When it comes to a new build single garage thats filled with lawnmowers, bikes, tools and the rest of the clutter not allowed in the house, how do you get it into a usable state? The answer is to let Garageflex design and then install a storage solution that fits with your lifestyle to make it as easy as possible to find what you need, when you need it.

This customer based in Hertfordshire was in the middle of a big renovation on her house and had a new build single garage to house tools and bikes that didn’t have a place anywhere else. Being a new build, the garage was just bare concrete walls and was in need of some storage to help organise it.

Mrs R called Garageflex in to see what we could offer her. Our Design Consultant, Abi Leonard, went to see her to talk through the options. It was clear that the customer wanted to get everything off the floor and onto the walls and create some order. Abi created a design which solved her problems by adding in wall storage and creating zones such as the Tool Zone, Bike Zone, Workshop Zone. And adding in some ceiling storage for items not used as often.

Once our installers were on site, it took just two days to turn the garage into a storage space that is now organised and clutter free. Mrs R and her family can now find what they need rather than searching through the piles. And, as the areas are zoned, they know that any tool they need will be in the Tool Zone of their garage.

To get in contact with Abi who looks after London and the Home Counties and see how she can help you with your garage, please click here.