Case Study: A garage for fun! This completed garage now boasts plenty of storage and space for games too.

Mr M came to us after doing a google search to see how he could make the most of his garage space. As with most of our customers he wanted to clear the clutter and make more usable space. But unlike most of our customers, he didn’t want the extra space for his car or bikes, he wanted to set it up as a games room that also boasted lots of storage.

MD Alastair Broom went to see him to discuss the project and left him with a design which used all three walls for storage. Adding cabinets to two of the walls solved a number of storage issues whilst putting up shelves, hooks and storage racks took care of the rest of the stuff which didn’t have a home.

Our professional team of fitters visited the site in Stratford-on-Avon in July 2017 and took 4 days to complete the transformation. Now, Mr M has a place for all his bits and bobs rather than them being distributed in different areas around the garage. Plus he has a central space ideal for his games area which is now being put to good use during these rainy Summer days we are experiencing.

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