Metal Cabinet Range

Our new metal cabinet and shelving range gives you flexibility to create storage that’s right for you. Our range includes cabinets, drawers and cupboards in a variety of colours to compliment your garage installation and are ideal when you wish to store your items out of the way behind closed doors.

These cabinets are built to last and are ideal for the garage environment. They also benefit for a ten year warranty to give you peace of mind. The range includes base units, wall cabinets, tall cabinets, mobile cabinets and even cupboards that sit underneath a pedestal bench.

These cabinets are available in four colours - Gentian Blue, Anthracite Grey, Light Grey and Crimson Red. Please note, these colours only apply to the front sections, the rest of the cabinet is Light Grey.

Available Options:
Tall Cabinet
Tall Cabinet
  • This Tall Cabinet has a tough welded steel construction and locking doors.
  • Comes with four shelves which can take up to 60kg
  • Designed to sit on the garage floor and has reinforced steel housings in a light grey colour
  • Top, bottom and fronts are available in four colours
  • Dimensions: 800mm (w) x 550mm (d) x 2000mm (h)
Base Unit
Base Unit
  • About half the size of the Tall Cabinet
  • Perfect when you want to see or use the wall space above
  • Comes with two shelves and locking doors
  • UL rated at 60kg for each shelf
  • Dimensions: 800mm (w) x 550mm (d) x 900mm (h)
Five Drawer Unit
Five Drawer Unit
  • This cabinet has one drawer of 125mm height and four drawers of 175mm height
  • Dimensions: 800mm (w) x 550mm (d) x 900mm (h)
Wall Cabinet
Wall Cabinet
  • Ideal for fixing to your garage wall
  • Locking doors
  • One shelf included adjustable on a 25mm pitch
  • 60kg capacity per shelf
  • Dimensions: 800mm (w) x 350mm (d) x 600mm (h)
Mobile Cabinet
Mobile Cabinet
  • Can be moved around the garage via its push – pull handle
  • Lino worktop and 4 x 125mm castors, two of which have a brake
  • Five drawers, two of which are 100mm and three are 175mm in height
  • UL rated at 50kg per shelf
  • Dimensions: 800mm (w) x 600mm (d) x 980mm (h)
Pedestal Bench
  • Choose our Pedestal Bench for all your DIY needs plus you can choose two different cupboards to go underneath
  • Dimensions of Bench on its own: 1500mm (w) x 600mm (d) x 930mm (h)
Pedestal - 2 Drawer
Option 1: Two Drawer and Cupboard Cabinet
  • Two drawers – 1 at 125mm in height and 1 at 175mm
  • One 500mm lockable cupboard with shelf
  • Dimensions: 800mm (w) x 550mm (d) x 900mm (h)
Pedestal - 7 Drawer
Option 2: Seven Drawer Unit
  • Seven drawers, four of which are 100mm, two are 125mm and one is 175mm
  • Dimensions: 800mm (w) x 550mm (d) x 900mm (h)

With a light grey casing, the top and doors are available in a range of colours including Gentian Blue, Light Grey, Crimson Red and Anthracite Grey.


To find out more about our metal range why not view one of the case studies below to see how they can be incorporated into your garage scheme.

What next?

Now you have seen our Wall Cabinet range, your next step is to think about how you can incorporate them into your garage design.

Option 1: Install them as part of our Design and Install Service
Option 2: Buy them from our store to install yourself

Install FlexiTrack on your wall


These are small strips of FlexiPanel, each measuring 246cm in width and 15cm in height, and can be cut to fit the space you have available. So if you only have a small part of your garage for storage then these strips are very useful and can take all of our Cabinets.

Install FlexiPanel on one or more of your Garage Walls


FlexiPanel is our pure white wall panelling which covers the entire wall from floor to ceiling and from which all of our storage accessories can be installed upon. Having FlexiPanel fixed to your walls gives you the maximum amount of flexibility as it provides a vast canvas to move...

Have a Complete Garage Makeover

Complete Garage Makeover

This means installing panelling on all three walls in your garage, laying a floor and adding in a good range of storage accessories such as cabinets, shelves and hooks. Having a Complete Garage Makeover involves panelling all three walls of the garage, laying a floor and installing storage accessories such as cabinets, shelves and racks.

Buy our products online from our e-store for DIY at home

Garageflex E-Store

Our online store was launched back in 2012 to allow current and new customers to buy our products to install themselves at home. The majority of our storage accessories are available to buy direct from the store including our FlexiPanel and FlexiTrack to attach items to your wall.

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