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Wine storage at its best, 🍷 to that!

Tuesday, June 14th, 2022
Here’s how to store your wine bottles with a little panache!

We have a brilliant wine rack that fits into your garage wall (via our panel or track) and let’s you store six bottles per rack!

A great way to bring some organisation to your garage and keep the wine stored nicely too!

Our fantastic wall mounted wine rack fits easily on to your garage wall and allows you to store six bottles of wine per rack. Stack them in rows for even more storage options.

Available as part of a Complete Garage Makeover project or install yourself as a DIY option. You can buy online from our DIY store and the kit comes with a length of our FlexiTrack. FlexiTrack is a strip of our Garageflex panel which can be cut to fit any space you have on your wall. It is very simple to secure to your garage wall using screws and rawplugs.

The Wine Rack simply clicks into place without any further screws or fasteners required.