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What to do with your garage ceiling

When it comes to a typical garage ceiling, you can usually count on a contingent of bugs and spiders along with a fair few cobwebs.  But what if there was a way to clean it all up, seal it and stop them from finding a home?

What to do with your garage ceiling

Let us introduce you to our ceiling cladding.  Part of our garage makeover design and install package, our ceiling cladding is a great way to get rid of the bugs that can hide in the corners.  Not only does it seal up all the nooks and crannies, it is also bright, white and so you are able to see and deal with anything that does take up residence.

Even more storage can be created by adding in a hatch if you have a high ceiling garage.  For one customer we boarded out the loft space to create a snug den for the grandchildren!

In this shed example you can really see the change from a chipboard interior to a brighter, whiter area.  Plus we can accommodate beams and so you don’t lose any of the features.

Ceiling before and after

Using our cladding also means that you can hang storage accessories from the ceiling such as hooks or racks to hang larger items like roof boxes.


Whilst not everyone wants to have the ceiling clad along with walls and the floor, it is a great solution for those looking to keep everything clean and bug free.  We would love to talk to you about how we can sort out your garage space, so get in touch by emailing us or calling 01491 579975.

Surrey garage with ceiling cladding

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