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Top 5 fitness tips for Christmas & New Year


Christmas is always a time when we over-indulge.  So we asked our Gym Consultant, Barry Grinham of Prime Energy his top 5 tips for keeping the exercise going and how to still be healthy at Christmas.

We know that new tiers and regulations may impact what you can and can’t do but we hope these tips might inspire you to have a go.

And this is what Barry told us!

  1. Go out and walk the dog …even if you don’t have a dog. Walking , especially a brisk one is great not only for the body, but also your head & soul too.
  2. Don’t purchase bigger plates for the Christmas Day lunch!!  Instead, fill your plate with a “rainbow” of veggies.  Try a nut or herb stuffing rather than the fatty sausage meat & remove the skin from your turkey which contains masses of fat that will have to be worked off!
  3. Depending on your tier and what you are allowed to do under new regulations, try to find a supportive friend or relative who will encourage you to do some exercise over the festive season.  Supporting each other will be more beneficial, rewarding and fun.
  4. Try to continue attending classes over the festive season (if you are allowed to), or find a class online. Otherwise get on your bike, go for a swim, use nature’s gym – the great outdoors. With this in mind for the past 30 years I’ve held a “Pulse Raiser “ Bootcamp on Christmas morning. It is always well attending with a little “fizz” at the end. A mega way to start the big day!!
  5. A good, restful nights sleep is so important. Try to get 6-8 hours a night.


We hope that this has inspired you to try at least one of these tips, but the main thing this Christmas is to stay safe.  We must all work together and although it might not be the Christmas you had planned, we do hope you’ll make the most of this time of year.  Stay safe and Happy Christmas from all of us at Garageflex.

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