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Getting a quote for your Garage Design

Friday, July 9th, 2021

If you are looking to get your garage fitted out, chances are you are wondering how it works.  Our short infographic below shows you the process we work to from the first initial chat about your requirements to our team arriving on site to fit out your space.  But let’s look at each bit in a little more detail.

1. Getting in touch

The first step is to give us a call or pop us an email to discuss your requirements.  It may be you only want a new garage floor, or you might want the full makeover where we fit storage solutions to the whole space.  But whatever you want to achieve, we have a number of different solutions to make the most of your space.


2. Ballpark figure

However much work you want to have done, we can give you a ballpark figure so you know up front what the costs are.  You can also find out more about this from our Pricing page.


3.  Scheduling an Appointment

If all of these costs sound ok, we’ll then arrange an appointment with one of our team.  We do cover the whole of the UK but depending on your location, we might advise that the appointment will be done as a Virtual Design Presentation, click here to find out more about this.  We will always confirm this in writing to you so you know who is coming and the date of the appointment.


4.  Design Presentation

At the scheduled time, our Design Consultant will arrive at your home to discuss your requirements for the garage.  They come with samples of flooring, wall panel and storage accessories so you can see how our system works.  They will also measure up the space and ensure they look for any items that may impact the design such as pipes, windows, metres, boilers etc.  The video below gives you more information about the appointment process.


5.  Your garage design

We’ll either draw up your garage design whilst we are with you, or we’ll have it out to you by email in a few days.  Either way, we’ll provide you with a design for each wall which easily showing you where your items will go and what the full cost will be.  Please do feel free to make any changes or ask questions.

6.  Signing Up

Once you are ready to sign up, we’ll send you a Customer Acceptance Form (CAF) along with our Terms & Conditions.  We also ask for a 40% deposit at this time.  Once we receive both the CAF and deposit we will confirm your booking with you and discuss dates for installation.  The average time that we install from sign-up is around 6 weeks but this is dependent on how busy our fitting teams are.


7.  Installation Day

We will confirm before hand at what time you can expect the team and on the alloted day, our fitting team will arrive on site to get to work.  We do ask that the garage is clear of items before we arrive so that the team can get straight on with your installation.  How long the process takes depends on what you are having installed but for a standard double garage we estimate 4-5 days.  However, if you are having a Resin Floor then this takes one complete day on it’s own.


We hope you have found this useful and informative.  We would welcome any questions you have and would be delighted to discuss your garage design and installation with you.

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