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A new way to clad your walls

As you will know from browsing around this site, we use our own FlexiPanel to clad the walls and this not only gives a bright, clean look but also allows any of our shelves, hooks, baskets etc to be placed anywhere on that wall and easily moved to suit any changing needs.

But a growing number of people only want clean walls and do not want to hang shelves or anything.  So in a growing number of cases, we use the same cost effective cladding that we use on the ceilings on the walls.  This covers all the brick or blockwork giving it the same look as FlexiPanel and is proving particularly popular for people using their garage as a gym, training space or studio where storage needs are minimal. 

It can also be used where a bank of tall cabinets cover most of the wall and so again no other storage will be needed. Or in a garage where there is very little space around the sides of the car(s).

And the big advantage is the cost: it is considerably cheaper and wins over plastering as it does not need decorating!

Below are some examples where we have used this new cladding as opposed to FlexiPanel.  Can you tell the difference?

To find out how this could be installed in your garage and what the costs might be, give us a call on 01491 579975 or send us an email.

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