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Hexagonal Lighting features in this new Garage Installation in Somerset

A beautiful new lighting feature in this garage installation working with our sister company Instaspark. As part of the planning process, the customer asked us to source and install new hexagonal lighting to really create a wow factor in the space.

In addition, the walls were clad with our clean FlexiSmooth panel which creates a brighter space for the customer. Interlocking floor tiles were laid, a new ceiling with loft hatch and finally some storage accessories.

All created as part of our Design and Install service and installed by our professional fitting team with the help of Instaspark wtih the lighting. Get started with your garage transformation and book your free Design Consultation today.

Garageflex Owner Rob Stone named “The Ultimate Entrepreneur 2022”

We are delighted to share that Garageflex Owner, Rob Stone, has been awarded the Success Mastermind title of “2022 Ultimate Entrepreneur”.

Success Mastermind Coach Dan Bradbury confirmed the award on his LinkedIn profile and said “After a great presentation on day one of our Success Mastermind meeting at Warwick Conferences, Rob Stone was voted for, by the audience to be the 2022 Ultimate Entrepreneur!!

Rob was not only awarded the title of The Ultimate Entrepreneur but he was also awarded the £10,000 cash prize!

Rob you are a well deserved winner of The Ultimate Entrepreneur 2022 and you fully deserve to be awarded this weeks member of the week award too. It was a truly heartfelt presentation that took all of our member’s and guest’s on your business journey.”

Success Mastermind Coach Dan Bradbury and Rob Stone, Owner of Garageflex, Instaloft and Instaspark

Established in 2005… the story behind Garageflex

With it coming up to our 17th birthday, we wanted to tell you a little more about Garageflex including how it all started, the team and of course the 1600+ installations we’ve completed over those 17 years.

The story behind Garageflex

It all started when Alastair Broom was looking for business ideas and came across the GarageTek brand in the US.  Being an Estate Agent for many years, Alastair thought this was a great idea as he had seen so many beautiful homes but with a very messy and cluttered garage.  And so GarageTek UK was born.


A family affair

It really was a small family business to begin with.  Barbara, Alastair’s wife, being a key member of the team and looking after running the office and accounts.  In fact, apart from Alastair, Barbara is the longest serving team member and retires at the end of June 2022.  Also working alongside Alastair and Barbara back then was Barbara’s sister Viv who looked after marketing.

Alastair Broom

In 2012 our Marketing Manager Louise joined the team when Viv retired with Veronique joining in 2015 to look after our Customer Services and Resin Floors.  As the business expanded we welcomed Design Consultants Abigail Leonard in 2017 and Serena Edwards in 2021 who both work with our customers to create a garage design that is bespoke to their needs.

Of course we couldn’t run our business without the talent of our trained carpenters who do all the hard work fitting out the garages.  Currently we have Brett, Matt, Andrew, Max, Dave and Jasper.  Last but certainly not least we must mention Bill who looks after our warehouse, getting all the supplies and parts ready for installations.

And then came Covid19

When the pandemic hit we were, as most people, worried about how it would affect the business but in fact 2020 was one of our best years.  With most people at home and looking for ways to improve their living space, we were inundated with enquiries to create new gyms, home offices and games rooms.  This continued with an even busier 2021.

2022: All change

In late 2021 Alastair decided the time was right to sell the business and Garageflex became part of the group of companies owned by Entrepreneur Rob Stone.  Rob is the founder of Instaloft and Instaspark, and instantly saw the benefit of bringing Garageflex into the fold.

So in January 2022 Rob took over as the owner of Garageflex bringing with him our brilliant new Head of Operations Jake Tipping.  Alastair is still part of the business and acting as Consultant until the end of 2022.

But it’s still the same team

Although our leadership team may have changed, our brilliant designers of Abi and Serena continue to create magic with their bespoke garage designs.  Working with customers to find out their garage problems, they bring all their experience into the process to create something that brings joy to the customer and eliminates problem areas.

The team in the office haven’t changed either although we have welcomed a new team member of Tina Timmins-Brownsword who is responsible for following up on enquiries.

So what can you expect from Garageflex?

A friendly and honest approach to sorting out your garage with an experienced team who know how to solve the problems associated with these often cluttered and messy spaces.  Whether you have metres and pipework on show, a dusty concrete floor or just need help seeing it’s potential, we can help.

Our objective is to help you create a garage that you will love and want to spend time in.  And with nearly 17 years of experience, we hope you’ll get in touch with us when it’s time to create your dream garage!

Fill in our contact form to book your Design Consultation today.


5 simple steps to garage organisation

Ever wondered how to get that garage of your dreams?  We have 5 steps that will allow you to turn your dreams into reality and it’s so simple!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

1. Book a free Design Consultation with one of our team

The first step is to give us a call on 01491 579975, email us at info@garageflex.co.uk or fill in our online form.

2. Arrange a Home Visit to look at and discuss your garage

Our Design Consultant will visit you in your home, measure up the space and create a bespoke design that’s just right for you.


3. Get your professional design and quote, bespoke for your space

Once you receive your design and quote you are able to make changes, amend items etc. until you are happy with the finished space


4. Agree an installation date when it suits you

Happy to go ahead? Then it’s time to schedule a date when our team is free to install the garage for you and of course, when it is convenient for you too.


5. Installation completed by our friendly and knowledable team

We have three teams who fit out garages for us, all are friendly and very knowledgeable in their field.  They will have your garage sparkling and ready in just a few days.


So are you ready to start your garage transformation journey?  Get intouch today!



Bringing our storage solutions to this Sunningdale garage

💫Before and After 💫
With a variety of our metal storage cabinets, all in Light Grey, and an Oak worktop, the garage now has a useful work space.
Combined with one wall of FlexiPanel that can hold shelving, racks, hooks and baskets, this garage is now organised, clean, and undoubtedly a place to be proud of.
Ready to transform your space? Start your journey to a beautiful garage by filling in our contact form and booking your free design consultation.

Don’t settle for a dark and cluttered garage…

The solution is simple. Create your dream space with the help of Garageflex and turn your garage into a place to be proud of.

This single garage was a typical brick wall and concrete floor space, the kind of garage we see so often. But the owner wanted to change that and create a clean, modern and bright space that he could enjoy spending time in.

With the inclusion into the design of our white wall panel plus panelling the ceiling along with new lighting, the space is instantly brighter as the light bounces around.

Metal storage cabinets in Cobalt Blue and our premium interlocking floor tiles complete the dream look.

Ready to start your garage transformation journey? Get in touch to book your free, no obligation Design Consultation with one of our friendly team.

info@garageflex.co.uk / 01491 579975


Taking an in-depth look at Resin Floors

With a resin floor installation being one of our most popular services, we wanted to tell you a little more information about why you should consider one for your garage.

This new blog will help you understand more about the Resin we use, the benefits, colour options and technical details.  We’ll also tell you a little more about the installation process and how you can get a quote for your garage floor.

Resin Floor - MMA Coatings for your garage floor

When you are looking for a garage floor that’s stylish, yet perfect for the garage environment, look no further than a seamless MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) Resin coating.

Unlike Epoxy coatings which can quickly peel or flake, MMA is very tough and can last for up to twenty years. And because we are so sure about the standard of the product, we give you a 10 year warranty so you get peace of mind that your new floor will last.

Please get in touch for an idea of price, all we need to know is the size of your garage in metres.

The Benefits of Garage Resin Floors

  • Resin provides a seamless and clean finish which won’t yellow or fade
  • 99% of installations are completed in one day
  • You can walk on the floor within one hour of installation
  • All our floors come with a 10 year product warranty
  • Our resin is UV stable so will not yellow or fade
  • Provides a fantastic finish which is extremely hardwearing
  • Easy to clean
  • Our system has high resistance to tyre marks and oil spills commonly found in residential garages
  • Our resin coating system is especially designed to withstand warm tyres which causes peeling on many other systems

Colours Options

We offer a great range of colour options in two flake options – small and large.

The choice of colour does not change the price.


You can choose from a range of colours and also whether you would prefer a smaller or larger flake to be used. Grey is our most popular colour and co-ordinates very well with our white wall panelling whereas the Slate Grey and Cobalt Blue provide a nice contrast. It really depends on your preferred colour scheme and how much use from vehicles your floor is going to have.

About The Installation

MMA is very quick to lay. For example a double garage can be completed in one day and walked on within an hour of the final coat being laid. Our lead time is 3-5 weeks for a floor only installation or it can be combined with a Complete Garage Makeover.

Our floors are installed using a five step process over the existing concrete including preparation, primer, flake and two coats of sealant, all laid to a depth of up to 4mm.  If your floor is badly tampered or pitted then a scratch coat may be required. Our resin coatings are designed for residential garages which we we have been laying in garages for 10+ years.

Please get in touch for an accurate quotation.

Technical Details

  • When laid, the floor will be raised up by up to 4mm
  • We only use Methacrylate MMA, a specifically designed grade resin for residential garages
  • Resin Floors should be cleaned regularly with a mop and water
  • The floor must be dry for the application to be successfully laid
  • We cannot breach any Damp Proof Course when laying the floor coating
  • During the preparation process, slight undulations may be removed but we don’t grind the floor to level
  • Our system is not a self-levelling system
  • The final coat of sealant is laid using a roller and occasional brush marks may be noticeable when looked at in different lights
  • As standard we lay two coats of sealant, any more is likely to cause the surface to become slippery
  • Whilst every effort is made to match colours, the final colour may vary slightly from any sample shown as will the finished surface
  • Our system has high resistance to tyre marks and oil spills commonly found in residential garages
  • Our resin coating system is especially designed to withstand warm tyres which causes peeling on many other systems

Get in touch with Veronique to find out how much it will cost to lay a Resin Floor in your garage.

Seamless Resin Floor for the garage

Get ready for our Magnificent May Installations!

Prepare to be inspired with a selection of amazing garage installations completed in May 2022.

Let us help you transform your dusty and cluttered garage into a new home gym, office space or just a great storage area.

Get started on your garage transformation journey today by requesting a free Design Consultation. Click here to book your free, no obligation appointment.

Garage Design Ideas – which is your favourite?

Whether you want to create a bike workshop, a new home gym, a place to store your prized car or you just want to be proud of the garage, let us help you.


From walls and ceilings to a choice of floor and over 80 storage accessories, we work with you to create your ideal space. The images below are just some of the garages we’ve created for our customers so why not see what amazing design we can create for you.
Book your free Design Consultation by clicking here and filling in our form.  We’ll get in touch to book your free, no obligation appointment with one of our experienced Design Consultants and start the journey of transforming your garage.

Upgrade your garage floor with our range of premium interlocking floor tiles.

Go bright with a pop of colour or blend it into your colour scheme with our range of grey options. Two textures to choose from and all can be as part of your garage installation OR as a standalone option.

Floor Tiles can be installed in most garages directly onto your current floor and fit together using an interlocking system, without the need for glue, nails or screws. Each tile measures 500x500mm and has a thickness of just 7mm so laying floor tiles will not significantly increase the height of your garage floor. In addition, ramps can be added to the front of your garage to make entering and exiting your garage smooth and easy, whether you are on foot or in a vehicle.

The Floor Tiles that we install have a lifespan of over 20 years. We offer a 10 year warranty and, in the unlikely event that a tile is damaged, it can be easily lifted and replaced in a matter of minutes.

The 7mm thick tile is injection moulded using virgin PVC that has excellent wear characteristics, chemical resistance, long-term stability and stable electrical properties.

Get a free, no obligation quote for installing them in your garage by emailing veronique@garageflex.co.uk


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