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Creating a bespoke Home Gym Design

Showcasing this fantastic new garage gym that was completed for a Garageflex customer back in 2021.  The garage was completely transformed with our white wall panel, interlocking floor tiles, metal storage cabinets and storage accessories such as bike racks and shelves.

Having discussed the project with the customer, we created a bespoke design that provided storage yet kept the floor space free for new gym equipment.  Introducing our customer to our Gym Equipment partner, The Gym People, gave the opportunity to get the perfect set-up.

Huge thanks for this video to Clear As Day Productions

Contact us to see how we can create your ideal garage space. Whether it’s a gym, for your car or just to find a space for all you belongings.

01491 579975 / info@garageflex.co.uk


Simple Storage Solutions 🛹

A simple double hook is all it take to store the kids board’s on the garage wall.

To achieve this all you need is a length of our FlexiTrack plus some hooks. The hooks simply click into the track and holds your item there securely.  To make it simple we even have a kit which includes FlexiTrack for your garage wall plus a set of six hooks.

Buy direct from our e-store for just £49 which includes delivery and VAT.

Our range of Metal Storage Cabinets

Ideally suited to a garage environment, our selection of storage cabinets come in four colours and are made to order.

Available online for delivery within 3-5 weeks, they are an ideal solution for storing items and organising your garage space. From Tall Cabinets to Wall Cupboards and from Mobile Cabinets to Drawer Units, we’ve got you covered.
Plus they come in Crimson Red, Anthracite Grey, Gentian Blue or Light Grey.

Beautiful Rustic Red Resin Floor Installed in Berkshire

Sharing this wonderful Resin Floor installation recently completed in Berkshire. The customer chose our new Rustic Red colour option and it looks fabulous. Thanks so much to Mr H for sharing his before and after photos.

Motorbike Workshop Garage Transformation: Customer Testimonial

Struggling with storage to store all his bike parts, helmets and tools, he looked around for someone to help him with the whole garage makeover.

He loves motorbikes and wanted to turn his dark and cluttered garage into a streamlined workshop which was perfect for working on his bikes and organising all his tools.

Design Consultant Serena Edwards came up with a bespoke garage design that dealt with all of his storage problems and enabled him to create a beautifully organised space.

He told us “I’m really proud of my garage. When people come over, we hang out in the garage and I love to show it off. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Garageflex to all my friends, if you need any garage work done they are going to be the best!”

Wonderful words and a huge thank you to Mehmet for filming this for us.

For all your garage transformation needs, get in touch with us for a free Design Consultation at 01491 579975 / info@garageflex.co.uk / www.garageflex.co.uk


Garage Transformation in Surrey

This absolute beauty of a garage was completed a few weeks ago in Surrey.
The back wall is covered in our FlexiPanel which allows you to hang various accessories on it such as bikes, tools and gardening equipment.
The two side walls were already painted with our installation team putting some lengths of our FlexiTrack up on them to increase the amount of storage available.
Now the space is organised, bright and free from any pesky creepy crawlies.
Ready to transform your garage space? Organise your ree Design Consultantation today at www.garageflex.co.uk


Top Ten Easy Easter Weekend Ideas

What’s on your agenda this Easter weekend when most of us get four whole days off? Some of us opt to get stuck into a diy project whilst for others it’s about quality family time or getting out in the fresh air.

Easter Weekend Ideas from Garageflex

Here are our top ten ideas of how to get ready for Summer and enjoy the long weekend ahead.

  1. Powerhose the patio – not the most glamorous of jobs and if you have kids helping there is a chance you might all get a bit wet…  Still the weather is looking promising so it might be a good cool down option!  But getting rid of dirt, debris and moss can make your patio look like new plus gets rid of slippery patches ready for the Summer furniture.
  2. Go for a long walk – dog or no dog, getting outside in the great outdoors is brilliant for our mental health and gets the heart pumping.  Plus you can opt for a solitary walk if the kids are driving you crazy or you can team it up with seeing friends at the same time.
  3. Clean the cars out – mud, dirt, water bottles, crisp packets, all can end up cluttering up your car so now is a great time to clear them out, give them a hoover and get them sparkling again.  You could even wash the outside too!
  4. Create some beautiful new pots to encourage in pollinators – our UK garden centres are overflowing with new plants at the moment and it’s a great time to plant up a pot.  All you need is a pot, some compost and a few plug plants to add colour to your front door.  Instant kerb appeal and good for the environment too.
  5. Start off seedlings such as tomato and lettuce – if you fancy giving vegetable growing a go then pick up some seeds along with some seed compost as now is a great time to grow your own.  Lettuce and tomatoes are so easy to grow and taste so different to supermarket veg.
  6. Bring the outside furniture out from the garage – we may all be able to enjoy being outside this weekend so get that furniture out of the garage and clean it all down.  Perfect for a sundown glass of wine later on Friday.
  7. Get the kids Summer toys out and ready – and whilst you are in the garage you could get the kids Summer toys such as pools, cricket sets and water tables out and cleaned up.  The kids will love having some new toys to play with.
  8. Tidy up the garage – now that you have moved items such as garden furniture and toys out, it’s a good time to sweep the floor and have a declutter of some of your old items.
  9. Go out on a family bike ride – getting outside with the family is a must when the weather is warm and the kids will love spending time with you.  Find a safe route that isn’t too far or even cycle around your local park, there’s nothing better!
  10. Think about how you can make the garage space better organised – whilst you are enjoying your well earned aperitif why not think about how to make best use of your garage.  Sometimes all you need is some easy to install storage to get it all back on track, or you might need a complete revamp.

Thankfully, Garageflex are here to help with all your garage needs – from simple storage to full makeovers.  Why not get in touch to see how we can help you!

01491 579975 / info@garageflex.co.uk


March Makeovers – bespoke garage designs from Garageflex

Sharing some of the beautiful garage installations we’ve created for customers during March.

From complete makeovers to stand-alone floor options, we can help you create your dream garage space.

Let us inspire you with some of these beautiful bespoke designs. We can help you with your walls, ceiling and floor to bring a luxurious feel to your garage.

Get in touch info@garageflex.co.uk / 01491 579975 to discuss your garage requirements and book a free design consultation.


Easy bike storage starter kit!

Looking for a space saving way to store your bikes? Then our Fantastic Bike Storage Starter Kit is perfect.

It can store up to two bikes easily on your garage wall and is an easy way to keep the floor space clear..

This bike storage rack is easy to install with basic DIY skills, comes with a length of FlexiTrack to mount it on your wall and is a cost-effective option.

Click here to find out more and buy online.

easy bike storage kit

Market Pricing Update

We always try to bring you news and information that is relevant not only to our business but to the wider market in home improvements.

It has been a tough period in recent months with challenges on materials, overseas supplies and internal distribution but we are pleased that we have managed to ride all these challenges with minimal disruption.

But we felt we should put out a warning to everyone of the new challenges being put before us, caused sadly by the many worldwide issues. The disruptions caused by Covid over the last two years have been exacerbated by the horrific war in Ukraine. This week we have heard that our cabinet suppliers are increasing their prices by 11% from May 1st and we have no option but to pass this on from that date. All orders that are confirmed by April 31st will be able to meet the current prices.

We are aware that a number of other suppliers are on the verge of increases so if you are thinking of having improvements to your garage, we would urge you to consider it sooner rather than later.

Like you, we hope that once the world settles back to a degree of stability that prices may reduce but we have found that tends to happen slower than increases.

So if you would like to discuss your garage, please do get in touch.

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