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New Resin Floor Colour

A brand new Resin Floor colour that we have just introduced. We call this one “Red Blend”!

With a white and black flake, it is a beautiful pop of colour in the garage. Team with Crimson Red Metal Cabinets for the ultimate garage makeover!


Red Blend Resin Floor Colour

Epic Garage Makeover in Durham

This customer in Durham had two single garages and wanted to turn it into one large double garage.  Designer Abigail Leonard drove up to the property to see how we could help.

Having seen the garage and created a new bespoke design, the fitting team based out of Cheshire, went up to get started in October 2021.

Once the wall was down, our fitting team panelled the ceiling and walls, boxed out the pipework and finished carefully around the windows.  The result is a large double garage which is bright and perfect for storing the lovely cars owned by the customer.

And all completed within just 5 days!


Getting rid of Spiders 🕷 & Cobwebs 🕸

Completed last week is this beautiful new garage space in Sussex.

The owner wanted to get rid of spiders 🕷and cobwebs 🕸 so Designer Abigail Leonard has created a lovely cost-effective garage space to get rid of all creepy crawlies.

With our FlexiSmooth panel installed on three walls, a new tiled floor and the customer’s existing racking units, this garage was all completed in just two days.

Getting rid of spiders and cobwebs in this garage makeover

Getting rid of spiders and cobwebs in this garage makeover

New Warwickshire Installation

Always a pleasure to visit Stratford-upon-Avon and this installation was no exception.
Transforming this garage with:
– Flexipanel on all three walls
– Dark and Light Grey floor tiles on the floor
– Storage accessories including a Golf Centre, Bike Rack, Shelving and Hooks
If you would love something similar, do give us a call on 01491 579975 or drop us an email – info@garageflex.co.uk
We are always happy to provide some ballpark figures or discuss exactly what you need 😀

New room: New Gym Space!

Although completed back in April, we were delighted to get these new shots of this garage in Sussex.
MD Alastair Broom went to visit the garage last week to install a new threshold barrier and was able to take some photos of the garage all set-up as a home gym.
Such a great feeling to know we’ve helped someone create a new room in their house!

A very kind customer testimonial

How Kind!
A few days ago we shared some photos of this Leicestershire garage where we had fitted a tiled floor, a workbench and some shelving on FlexiTrack.
We then had a lovely Trustpilot review from the customer who is delighted with the results. We particular like her comment “Thank you for saving my garage!”.
What a lovely comment – thank you so much to Mrs B in Leicestershire for taking the time to leave us a review.
That’s what we are here for!
Garageflex Customer Testimonial

Sensational space for a new Home Gym!

When Design Consultant Serena Edwards went to see this garage in Surrey, it was just the standard brick walls, concrete floor and was in need of some storage. Whilst talking to the client, Serena found out that they would like to transform it into a beautiful home gym, as well as being able to be used for storage purposes.

So Serena went to work on the Design…

With a full design created in accordance with the client’s preferences, the plan was: –

  • to completely panel all three walls with our FlexiPanel
  • storage accessories including shelving and hooks would be added
  • install base metal cabinets in Anthracite Grey along with a workbench for DIY purposes
  • lay dark grey floor tiles to create a nice new and robust floor
  • the ceiling was also to be re-done with spotlights through a qualified Electrician

Super September Installations!

September was definitely super in our books. With over 30 full makeovers or floor only installations completed, it was one of our busiest months to date.
From Cumbria to Bristol and from Caterham to Newcastle, our teams have been busy. And that’s all with trying to find fuel too!
Here are some of the beautiful garages we’ve been lucky enough to work on.

The rise of the electric vehicle

With the recent fuel crisis just behind us and the 2030 ban on selling new petrol and diesel cars looming, it is no wonder that there are more and more people opting for an electrical vehicle.  According to website nextgreencar.com to the end of May 2021, there were more than 600,000 plug-in vehicles on Britain’s roads with nearly 300,000 of these being pure-electric models.

And with electric cars comes the issue of charging.  So with our garage hat on we wanted to look into this in a bit more detail to determine what the options are for charging your vehicles at home and how it all works.

We asked our friends over at Carter Electrical, a family run business operating in the Thames Valley and established in 2008, for their insight into how it all works.  Jon Carter, a Director at Carters Electrical told us:


It is best to charge an electric car at home using a dedicated home charger which needs to be installed by a qualified electrician with experience in this area.

This is the safest option which also benefits from faster charging speeds and built-in safety features.  It is much like charging your mobile phone – plug it in overnight and it is ready to use the next day.

Certain electricity tariffs offer much cheaper electricity at specific periods (usually late at night) and scheduling to charge your car, either via an App or the car itself, can save you money.


How to charge an electric car at home

To charge an electric car at home you should have a home charging point installed, where you park your electric car. You can use an EVSE supply cable for a 3-pin plug socket as an occasional back up.

A home charger is a compact, weatherproof, unit that mounts to a wall with a connected charging cable or a socket for plugging in a portable charging cable.

An electric car will have either a Type 1 or Type 2 connector and you will need to choose a home charger that’s compatible with your model.

Cost of installing a dedicated home charger

A fully installed home charging point costs from £600 – with the government OZEV grant. Installation costs vary depending on how easy it is to get a supply cable from your fuse board to the charger location.  Electric car drivers benefit from a £350 OZEV grant for purchasing and installing a home charger.

Once installed, you only pay for the electricity you use to charge.  The typical electricity rate in the UK is just over 16p per kWh*, while on Economy 7 or EV tariffs typical overnight electricity rate in the UK can be as low as 5p per kWh*.

*As of April 2020 according to Energy Saving Trust.  Although it is worth mentioning that although prices are likely to rise, EV’s will still be much cheaper to run than petrol or diesel vehicles


Incorporating them into a Garageflex Installation

One thing worth mentioning in addition to the great insight from Carter Electrical, is that chargers can be placed and so used both inside the garage or on an outside wall so you just need to decide on the most appropriate place for charging to take place.

We have worked on a number of garage installations that have electric car chargers as part of the garage make-up.  And below are some examples of how they have been incorporated into the overall garage scheme.

We hope you have found this useful and informative so do let us know if you have any questions.


Top Tips to get your garage ready for Autumn!

So it is October already, the time when we all start to harvest any remaining vegetables, put the garden to bed for the Winter and indeed, some of us start to prepare for Christmas.
But what about your garage?  With the colder weather on the way, have you thought about getting your garage ready for the coming months?  We have some top tips to get your garage all prepared for those rainy days to come.
You can click here to view our blog with all the tips, or you can view our little video below!

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