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It’s Official: Best Wall Storage Solutions Installation Company – UK

We are absolutely delighted to share the news that we’ve been awarded Best Wall Storage Solutions Installation Company – UK!


The Build Architecture Awards 2021 winners were officiallly announced today (Friday 23rd July 2021) and Garageflex were honoured to receive this Award, it is always so nice to be recognised and we gladly accept the trophy!  Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to the Build team for all their hard work in putting together the fantastic programme covering all the winners.

To see the full copy of the Awards Programme, please click here.  HINT: Garageflex are featured on page 55.


Our full press release can be found here.


The Awards

Now in its sixth year, BUILD’s Architecture Awards programme continues to be an annual cornerstone, highlighting the extraordinary work and expertise of Architects around the world. Despite a year defined by unprecedented difficulty and unknowable challenges, the greater industry has found ways to exceed and thrive regardless. However, the challenges of the last year have been kept firmly in mind when we set about organising this year’s programme. After all, the bar for success has been altered, and plans have been put on hold in favour of more essential goals. Achievements of all sizes have been considered here.

Discussing the success of these deserving winners, Awards Coordinator Kaven Cooper praised the programme’s winners: “The Architecture Awards have always endeavoured to be a barometer for the greater industry. A moment to pause and reflect on the successes and growth businesses of all sizes and in all locations have achieved over the previous 12 months. I am proud to recognise them all and wish them a fantastic 2021 ahead.”


Amazing makeover for The Barre Collective

Back in April we helped a customer update her garage into a beautiful fitness space. The space had some interesting features such as the timber beams in the ceiling, so our Design Consultant made sure to blend them into the design.

Let us now share with you the before and after shots of this stunning space which is now being used as a barre studio by The Barre Collective.

An absolute pleasure to help The Barre Collective transform the space into a beautiful barre studio.

If you would like help with your space, we would love to have a chat!


Covid-19 Update: Continuing to keep staff and customers safe after easing of restrictions

Covid-19 Update from Garageflex


With further easing of restrictions as of Monday 19th July 2021, we would like to set-out how we are continuing to keep staff and customers safe whilst garage installations continue.

Our fitting teams:

  • will continue to wear masks whilst travelling to and from a customer’s home in our vans
  • masks will be worn on site if necessary or requested by the customer
  • wipes and hand sanitiser will be used by fitting teams on site on arrival and departure
  • the garage will be cleaned before departure
  • will only ask to use the toilet if you are comfortable with this


Design Consultants:

  • will still be able to come and see you for appointments, however for those further away will conduct a Virtual Design Presentation in the first instance
  • won’t shake hands to minimise risk
  • will work in the garage only and won’t enter your home


We hope this reassures you as to how we will continue to work and if you have any questions please do let us know.

A much brighter garage space in Surrey

This garage in Epsom was long and narrow with a window at one end and lots of pipes and a boiler to contend with.

The solution from Design Consultant, Abigail Leonard, was to introduce a new cupboard to hide the boiler and pipes but still allow them to be accessible for servicing and maintenance. The walls were all clad in our white wall cladding which really helped to brighten up the space. We added our Ceiling cladding in too to maintain the white finish, as well as covering up all nooks and crannies. Wall hooks, baskets and racks were added for storage options and finally floor tiles were laid to finish off the space.

The finished space is a complete contrast to what it was like when we arrived, now it is a garage to be proud of!

Getting a quote for your Garage Design

If you are looking to get your garage fitted out, chances are you are wondering how it works.  Our short infographic below shows you the process we work to from the first initial chat about your requirements to our team arriving on site to fit out your space.  But let’s look at each bit in a little more detail.

1. Getting in touch

The first step is to give us a call or pop us an email to discuss your requirements.  It may be you only want a new garage floor, or you might want the full makeover where we fit storage solutions to the whole space.  But whatever you want to achieve, we have a number of different solutions to make the most of your space.


2. Ballpark figure

However much work you want to have done, we can give you a ballpark figure so you know up front what the costs are.  You can also find out more about this from our Pricing page.


3.  Scheduling an Appointment

If all of these costs sound ok, we’ll then arrange an appointment with one of our team.  We do cover the whole of the UK but depending on your location, we might advise that the appointment will be done as a Virtual Design Presentation, click here to find out more about this.  We will always confirm this in writing to you so you know who is coming and the date of the appointment.


4.  Design Presentation

At the scheduled time, our Design Consultant will arrive at your home to discuss your requirements for the garage.  They come with samples of flooring, wall panel and storage accessories so you can see how our system works.  They will also measure up the space and ensure they look for any items that may impact the design such as pipes, windows, metres, boilers etc.  The video below gives you more information about the appointment process.


5.  Your garage design

We’ll either draw up your garage design whilst we are with you, or we’ll have it out to you by email in a few days.  Either way, we’ll provide you with a design for each wall which easily showing you where your items will go and what the full cost will be.  Please do feel free to make any changes or ask questions.

6.  Signing Up

Once you are ready to sign up, we’ll send you a Customer Acceptance Form (CAF) along with our Terms & Conditions.  We also ask for a 40% deposit at this time.  Once we receive both the CAF and deposit we will confirm your booking with you and discuss dates for installation.  The average time that we install from sign-up is around 6 weeks but this is dependent on how busy our fitting teams are.


7.  Installation Day

We will confirm before hand at what time you can expect the team and on the alloted day, our fitting team will arrive on site to get to work.  We do ask that the garage is clear of items before we arrive so that the team can get straight on with your installation.  How long the process takes depends on what you are having installed but for a standard double garage we estimate 4-5 days.  However, if you are having a Resin Floor then this takes one complete day on it’s own.


We hope you have found this useful and informative.  We would welcome any questions you have and would be delighted to discuss your garage design and installation with you.

Just some of our installations in June 2021

In June 2021 we visited homes all over the UK to install some wonderful garage makeovers.

From Surrey and Hertfordshire to Yorkshire and the Midlands, here are just some of the garage designs that we’ve fitted out in June 2021.

Let’s share some more detail with you…

We hope you are inspired by what you’ve seen. Do get in touch to discuss your particular requirements, we would be delighted to help!


Creating a dog friendly garage

Creating a dog friendly garage


We recently fitted out a garage that involved a bespoke dog shower and it got us thinking about all the other ways you can accommodate everything your dog may need, in your garage space.

From hanging up leads to installing a good quality floor that’s easy to clean, here are some ideas on how to make your garage dog friendly.

Add in easy to clean flooring

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a lovely long walk and your dog leaving dirty marks all over the house.  If you are lucky enough to have a garage then adding in some easy to clean flooring can certainly cut down on the clearing up.  Simply create a space where you can clean up the dog first (see our later note on a dog shower/bath), before they go into the home.

Install shelving for all those dog food deliveries

If you have bulk deliveries of dog food, they can take up quite a bit of space.  Shelving is a good way of being able to stack it all neatly and keep it out of the way until you need it.


Hang up dog coats, leads and bags in style

Find the lead, harness, collar and dog bags when you area ready for a walk.  Hang them up on hooks for easy access.

Creating a dog friendly garage


Create a bespoke dog shower area for after those muddy walks

Being able to reverse into the garage and put the dog straight into the bath or shower is a game changer.  We have helped customers create bespoke showers/baths as part of their garage makeover so they can minimise mess and get the dog clean and shiny again!

The photos below were part of a wider garage makeover installed in June 2021 where the customer wanted a bespoke dog shower installed.  Making use of a corner space, we built a frame with space for the plumbing to go in underneath and panelled it in our wall cladding to keep it waterproof.   This is a bespoke design depending on the space you have and the size of dog, and can be added to your garage makeover as part of the design.


We would love to chat about how we can transform your garage into a dog friendly haven, give us a call on 01491 579975 or book an informal chat.

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