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Where we’ve been working recently

The Garageflex installation team cover the whole of the UK and with this in mind we thought you might like to view just where we’ve been over the past two weeks.

This map gives you an indication of where we’ve been out and about installing garages, and it really does cover the whole of the country!


In addition, here are also some of the new installations completed over the last few weeks.  Some have made it on to the case study page, others are still in the queue but we thought it might provide some good inspiration!

Garageflex Customer Susie Chan speaks to the Daily Mail

Huge thanks to our lovely customer Susie Chan for speaking with the Daily Mail last week and mentioning our lovely installation for her!
The article was all about the trend for lockdown gyms and featured Susie plus four other ladies who had taken the plunge during lockdown and created their own workout spaces.
Very interesting to see the range of ideas and spaces that were created, including the garage we installed for Susie, an Endurance Runner.
Please click here to see the full Daily Mail article or if you are interested in Susie’s transformation, you can view her full case study here.
Susie Chan

January 2021 Garage Makeover Inspiration!

The Garageflex fitting teams have started off 2021 in busy mode. And here are some of the beautiful and inspirational garages we’ve complted. Enjoy and let us know if we can help you with your garage!

Floor Tiles – available for diy install

Our Floor Tiles are just perfect for the garage and are an easy way to clear up the space.  Our premium range tiles can be purchased on our e-store for just £8.60 per tile including delivery and you can choose from a variety of colours.
How many will I need?
This is a good question and one we are often asked.  The easiest way to work out how many tiles you need is to measure the length and width of your garage floor.  Then times the two measurements together to give you a square metre size, times this by 4 and you will see how many tiles you would need. 
For example, if your garage space is 6 x 4 metres you would have a garage of 24 square metres.  If you times the 24 by 4 you would work out that you need 96 tiles in total.  As a rule of thumb, it is always better to round up so you have enough for your space.
Ramp Edges 
Having these installed are a good way of providing a smooth entry into the garage.  They fit onto the edge of the main tiles and are easy to install.  To work out how many you need, take the width of the garage door and times it by two.  So if your width is 6 metres, you would need 12 ramp edges. 
Installation  Not as tricky as you might think, in fact with a few tools they are easy to install yourself.  See our video below for advice on floor tile installation. 

So now you know how many you need to buy and how to install them, why not take a look at our e-store range to choose your colours!

Sussex garage shapes up nicely

This Sussex garage has shaped up nicely from bare bricks and a concrete floor into a beautiful new garage space.

We love the amount of space now available and we hear the owner is planning to store his cars in there – so much better than out in the snow!

The owner told us via Google Review: “Can’t thank Garageflex enough for completely transforming our garage interior, it looks amazing. The project was very well managed and executed from start to finish, which made it an enjoyable, stress free experience.

Used technology in order to do the initial contact and discuss our requirements, however due to some additional complexities we were impressed that Alastair took the trouble to do a site visit, when the Govt Tiers allowed, to meet us personally and work with us to finalise the specifications.

Seve and Charlie, who fitted the garage out were extremely courteous, hard working and very aware of the need to be careful and maintain social distancing in these Covid times. They did a first class job and a credit to your company.

Excellent product, brilliant customer service and a pleasure to do business with. The cars are extremely happy in their new garage!”



What makes the Perfect Garage Home Gym?

Following on from the success of our last e-book Transforming your garage into a gym or pain cave, we wanted to follow up with the next steps in creating the perfect training space.

In this new e-book we’ll be looking at choosing the right equipment and how it gets installed, some fun ideas for storing smaller equipment such as hand weights and shoes as well as mirrors, music and lighting.

We also speak to Endurance Runner Susie Chan to see what she has in her home gym and introduce you to our new partner – The Gym People – who are the goto place for all your equipment needs.

What makes the perfect garage home gym

Click here to download your FREE copy.

Cricketer Mark Wood gives his opinion on his new garage transformation!

Thanks to Durham and England Cricketer, Mark Wood, for his really kind words about his recent garage installation – we were delighted to help transform it into a fantastic gym.
“Thank you @garageflex for the professional work in transforming my garage (flooring, cladding the walls and storage) and helping me get my home gym up and running.
Friendly, easy to deal with, tidy and they were willing to travel a long way to do the job! I love it, thank you!”
Mark Wood Garageflex Testimonial
Great to hear and if you want to find out more, click here to visit our case study.

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