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Garageflex: Who we are and how it all started

Hello!  We thought that it might be nice to share a little more information about Garageflex, who we are and how it all started.

Who we are and how it all started

Back in 2005 I launched GarageTek UK which was part of the group based in the US.  My aim was to bring interior design to residential garages in the UK and help homeowners make the most of the storage space that they have.

We slowly built up over the next few years completing full garage installations, adding floors and generally helping our customers to create a new room in their homes.

However I got to the stage in 2014 where I wanted to move away from the GarageTek franchise and create my own company.  Hence the introduction of Garageflex where we rebranded and created a whole new look and feel.  The concept is still the same: to design and install bespoke and flexible storage solutions in the garage that not only look good, but are of the highest quality.  Many of our products remained the same thanks to a good relationship with my supplier but we’ve also introduced some new ones too.

Having re-branded and worked hard on delivering excellent quality from our installations, Garageflex has continued to install more garages than ever and in 2018 we completed our 1000th installation!

Fast forward to August 2020 which has been a challenging year for everyone around the World, not just us based in the UK.  And although the months of April and May were quiet where we couldn’t install, since we re-opened we have found there to be a high demand for all of our services. Many customers wanted to create their own home gym in their garage as well as finally having a bit of time to take stock and work out what they wanted to do with their space. It has certainly been a busy few months and we are now booked up until the end of October 2020.

So looking back on the 15 years since we started, I would say there have been ups and downs with recessions, re-branding and  Covid but it has been a very worthwhile and rewarding experience.  Not only have we managed to transform over 1200 garages into beautiful spaces, we have a great team who are all dedicated to great customer service and providing the best installations possible. It really is a team effort and I want to say thank you to everyone involved, especially all of our fantastic customers.

Convert your garage into another room…

Convert your garage into another room


If you are contemplating converting your garage into extra living space, just take a moment to think about it further.  From doing a quick search we have found so many articles saying that it is the right thing to do BUT once you’ve made that switch it is very hard to go back.

So we wanted to share some more ways of creating more space in your home by using the garage without taking away your options.

More living space

Good lighting and wall insulation can help you achieve a good living area or cinema space for you and your family.  In fact, the customer who owns this garage told us what a blessing it was to have this space during the lockdown.

Living space

Room for the car

Being able to store your belongings on the wall and ceiling can free up your floor space so that you don’t have to leave your car out on the road or driveway at night.  A much more secure and safe environment for your prized posession.

Car Storage

Space to work on and admire your classic cars

Keeping any classic car in pristine condition is a must for any collector.  So turning your garage into a clean and safe space to keep them from getting damaged can be a real game changer.

Classic car storage

Space to exercise

During the lockdown it has been amazing just how many customers wanted to turn their garage or shed into a place to exercise with all the gyms being shut.  We are so happy that we can keep them exercising in a safe environment whilst providing storage space for equipment too.

Home Gym

Games room

Have a love of pinball machines, pool or table tennis?  Create your perfect space in the garage to have all your friends over.

Games Rooms


Space savers

The mainstay of our service is to provide storage so that you can find what you need, when you need it.  Whether it be bike racks for your wall, shelves for boxes or ceiling storage for roof racks, we’re all about providing you with great storage options that do just what you need them to do.  By adding these items to your wall or ceiling, we believe you can free up your floor space to create your ideal space.  And we would love to help you do it!

Bike Storage

Stunning garage transformations in July 2020

We love to share recent garage transformations and these stunning spaces were all completed by our fantastic teams in July 2020.

It is such a busy time for us that we have three installation teams plus one team laying our resin floors. We would love to help you make the most of your garage space so give us a call on 01491 579975 for a chat.

Gerrards Cross Home Gym by Garageflex

Completed in July 2020, this garage in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, is well worth a look.

The garage had brick walls and a concrete floor as do most garages but the owner wanted to brighten the space and create a home gym.

The Garageflex team arrived on site and set to work panellling the walls, laying floor tiles and using their great carpentry skills to work around windows, as well as creating a new cupboard for the boiler and metres.

The garage is now a fully functional home gym and is the perfect space for the morning exercise routine.

Online Store Stock Update – 11 August 2020

E-store update august 2020

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we are waiting for stock to arrive from China.  As our last delivery has been delayed we have had to take the decision to make the majority of our products out of stock at this time.
Items such as Floor Tiles, Metal Cabinets and Threshold Barriers are still available to purchase.
We are sorry for any inconvenience caused but this is out of our control.  We hope to have the full store up and running by the end of September 2020.
If there is anything you wish to purchase please email us and let us know so we can add you to our list.

Gorgeous new home gym for this lucky customer

Finished in Southampton recently, this single garage is now a beautiful home gym just ready for the owner to get a workout in.

Any space can be utilised for a gym including a shed or garage (see The Runner Beans gym case study) and it is a great way to still get your exercise in, but on your terms.

You don’t have to get to the gym, or pay the membership fees or even put up with someone else’s taste in music!  It is your space, set out how you want it with the equipment that you want.  What’s not to love.

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