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Amazing Garage Makeovers in June 2020!

We love these garage makeovers that were completed in June 2020 by the wonderful fitting teams. From bike storage areas to full garage makeovers, our teams can create your own perfect space.

We would love to discuss how we can help you – whether it be storage or a floor, give us a call on 01491 579975 or email us at info@garageflex.co.uk for a chat.


Great little home gym makeover for less than £1,200!

Shared by our MD on Facebook at the weekend was this great little home gym makeover.  Installed were floor tiles, storage cabinets and racking as well as weather strip to stop leaves and rain from getting in.

The customer David now has a great gym to use at home, saving time and money on getting to the gym.  He installed all of this for under £1,200 and is a great addition to the family home.

Interested on how this could be done in your garage? Give us a call on 01491 579975 or email us at info@garageflex.co.uk.

More about our Floor Tile range

When it comes to flooring for your garage, there is so much choice out there.  Do you opt for a cheap floor tile, a more expensive one or do you even push the boat out and choose a seamless resin option.

At Garageflex we offer two options for your garage floor, a good robust floor tile or a seamless MMA resin coating.  So today, let’s look at our Floor Tiles.

Floor Tiles

Our floor tiles are by no means the cheapest on the market and this is intentional.  We want to know that our flooring is going to last for more than a year and that’s why we guarantee them for 10 years!  There are many low cost options out there but you could end up spending more on replacing them every couple of years.

We think our tiles are a great option for your garage floor that come in a variety of colours.  Each tile measures 500 x 500mm so four tiles make up one square metre.  You can also choose to have them in a smooth or raised disk finish.


How do they fit together?

Simply using the interlocking mechanism on each tile, you can clip them together really easily.  This also means they are a good choice for the DIY enthusiast as they are easy to install yourself with the help of a few tools.  See our short video below on how to install floor tiles.

How can I get them installed?

If you wish to have them installed in your garage, you have two options to choose from.  The first is to buy online from our online store at a cost of £8.60 per tile.

As we mentioned previously, for each square metre of space you have to fill, you will need 4 tiles.  You will also need to purchase ramp edges for the front of your garage so you have a smooth entrance.  You don’t need to buy corner ramps unless you are just creating a small area within your space.

The alternative if you want someone to do it for you is to ask us to install them for you, especially if you having wall cladding or a ceiling installed at the same time.  Click here to ask us for a quote.

You may also wish to download our more comprehensive floor tile brochure which provides more information on these tiles.  Click here to download.




An Exceptional Essex Garage Installation

We are thrilled to share this brand new makeover that was completed in June 2020.
Having found us and got in touch initially in 2016, we had to wait until after the UK lockdown to commence the installation.
This fantastic makeover was completed by our team and in this video we share the before and after photos as well as a glowing testimonial from the customer himself.
Keep a look out on our case study page for more images!

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