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DIY installation using recycled Garageflex solutions

Back in 2013 we installed a lovely big garage in Monmouthshire.  We recently heard from the customer that they had converted this garage into accommodation and had built a new detached double garage instead.

They utilised all of their Garageflex FlexiPanel, cabinets and storage accessories to re-create their organised garage in the new space.  The customer sent us some photos which you can see below and we think it looks fantastic!  What a great way to show how if you move, or indeed build a new garage, you can recycle all of the materials.

This is the customer’s own words:

“Good to catch up Alastair.  I mentioned that 5 or 6 years after you fitted out our integral garage in Monmouthshire, we have converted that space to accommodation and built a large detached garage.

After experiencing the benefit of the original installation, no way did we want to give it up, so we have DIY transplanted all the kit into the new garage.

The finish isn’t quite up to your installation standards, and I haven’t yet “put everything away” as neatly as I could, but I am still very pleased with the outcome.”  Mr W, Monmouthshire, May 2020


Garageflex Monmouthshire

Want a home gym? Read Charlie’s story…

Garageflex recently worked with Charlie Watson who is better known as The Runner Beans.  Well worth subscribing to her blog or following her on Instagram for great insight into running, fitness and food ideas.

We were really grateful to read her new blog which she posted on 24th May 2020 which looks at the transformation of her garden shed into a boutique home gym – her words not ours!  We loved working with Charlie on the transformation and would urge you to read the full blog to get her thoughts on how it has changed her exercise routine.

The Runner Beans blog post

For more information, why not next visit our Gym page?  You can see more gym installations we’ve fitted plus download our FREE gym e-book.

Of course, any questions you have on how you can turn your exercise space into a sleek home gym, get in touch!

Ready to convert your shed or studio?

As our name would suggest we primarily design and install garages but it has been known for us to do a shed, outhouse, utility room or even a carport.

That’s why we wanted to share some images and details of these spaces.  It shows whatever space you have for storage, you can make the best of it.


Regardless of it’s size, sheds are a welcome addition to any garden looking to incorporate a bit of storage.

This shed in Streatham that was fitted out in 2019 as the owners wanted space for tool storage.  It is now much more organised and easy to find what you need.

Streatham Shed Storage by GarageflexStreatham Shed Storage by Garageflex

Now this next shed is quite a large space and was being used as a fitness studio by the owners – The Runner Beans.  We worked with them to create a space that looked fantastic as well as being a good space to exercise in.

Runner Beans Before and After

We think you’ll agree it looks amazing.  A much nicer place to train plus it is clean and sleek with plenty of storage.  See our new blog for more.

Utility Rooms

This is a great example of a really organised utility room that was part of this garage fit out a few years ago.  We love it has shelves and baskets in easy reach so that all the items needed for the laundry are close by.

Utility ROom

Extra Rooms

Some homes have little extra rooms added on the side and this is just what this customer had.  They wanted to make the most of the space and be able to hide away items from around the house.  Useful to have to store tools, ironing boards and other household items.  A great idea to declutter around the house.

Lean to storage


Summer House

We love this Summer House example which brings a whole new meaning to coffee time (or indeed Gin O’Clock) which can be enjoyed whilst looking out in the garden.  The space is brighter, organised and a really nice place to spend time in.  Perhaps even a place to escape to if you are working from home.

Summer House Storage


We hope this has inspired you to think different about your space.  And we would love to discuss how we can help you create a much needed storage area.  Get in touch by phoning us on 01491 579975 or emailing us at

A sleek home gym for The Runner Beans

The Runner Beans

We have been really delighted to help The Runner Beans turn their dark shed into a light and sleek home gym, just perfect for exercising.

Not only is Charlie a Registered Dietician in training, she is also a real inspiration to many as she blogs about life, health, fitness, travel and food.  She has over 62k Instagram followers at the time of writing this blog and has completed various marathons around the World.  Well worth a follow.

Before: The large shed at the end of the garden was equipped with a bike and running machine, and was well used by Charlie and her husband to keep fit.  We wanted to help them create a brighter space that was great to be in and made going out there to exercise a real gym experience.

During:  Charlie was fantastic in documenting each day of the installation so here are some posts from Instagram which give you a step by step guide.

After: Our brilliant fitter Seve worked on his own to complete the gym and we think it looks fantastic.  Here is the finished installation!

We think you’ll agree how wonderful the shed now looks.  Indeed, can it even be called a shed anymore?!  As a final icing on the cake, we also have a short video showing the garage before and after.  Enjoy!

If you would like to see how we can help you with your shed or garage space, you may wish to take a look at our Gym page or you could download our free Gym E-Book.

We would love to have a chat with you on how we can help you create a fitness space you’ll love!


Our installation service is back!

Coronavirus 12 May 2020


After the announcement made by Boris Johnson and the UK Government on Sunday 10th May 2020, we are delighted to say that our installation service is back up and running.

Obviously our fitters are adhering to the social distancing guidelines as well as regularly cleaning regimes. Our fitters are travelling to each job in different vehicles as well as ensuring they stay the recommended distance from both each other and our customers.

Our office in Medmenham, Buckinghamshire is not yet open as those staff who are working can continue to work from home.

Remote Design Consultations Available Now Garageflex

Design Consultants Alastair Broom and Abigail Leonard are still able to offer remote design consultations for those customers who want to discuss their garage design and get ideas of how it could work in their space.  Please email us at and we will pass your enquiry on to one of them.

our e-store is open

And as stated last week, our e-store is also open and taking orders.  We are sending couriers twice a week so will endeavour to get your items to you as soon as possible.  Click here to visit our e-store.

We hope you and your family continue to stay safe and look forward to discussing your garage with you very soon!

Inspirational Garage Floors – Resin Floor

Just over a week ago we shared a video which looked at our Floor Tiles.  This week it is the turn of our beautifully seamless Resin Floors.


When you are looking for a garage floor that’s stylish, yet perfect for the garage environment, look no further than a seamless MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) Resin coating.

Unlike Epoxy coatings which can quickly peel or flake, MMA is very tough and can last for up to twenty years. And because we are so sure about the standard of the product, we give you a 10 year warranty so you get peace of mind that your new floor will last.

To find out more, visit our Resin Floor page.

We would love to answer any questions you have or give you a ballpark quote so give us a call to discuss 01491 579975 or email us at

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