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Meet the Team – Louise Fooks, Marketing Manager

Following on from last week’s first Meet the Team post, today we are focusing on Marketing Manager, Louise Fooks.

Louise started with us back in 2013 after spending 12+ years at accountancy firm KPMG in various Marketing teams. And in this little video we learn a little more about her including seeing her little pug Tilly.

This Kent garage really does now have the WOW factor!

After completing this garage installation in 2019, MD Alastair Broom went back to visit the client to find out how he was feeling about his new space.

Mr W was delighted with the results as he tells us all about in this short video.  We absolutely love it when our customers tell the story rather than us just telling you about it.

To see more images including before, during and after shots please click here to view the full case study.

Meet the Team – Introducing Alastair Broom

When you deal with a Company, it is good to know a little more about the people you are dealing with.  So we’ve introduced a new “Meet the Team” slot and have started the ball rolling with MD Alastair Broom.

It’s just nice to know the human side of a business and so in this short video, we are asking a series of questions such as his hobbies, first job and  holiday destination so you can get more of an idea of the man behind the face.  To come shortly are Marketing Manager, Louise Fooks and also Customer Services Manager Veronique Di Ludovico.

Customer Testimonial of a Home Gym Installation in Norfolk

We are absolutely thrilled to receive this wonderful testimonial from a customer whose garage we completed last year.  The customer shared this on Facebook and we are so delighted to see the home gym installation being utilised.  It can make all the difference to have a gym in your garage as it saves time and money from driving to and from the gym, as well as expensive gym memberships.
“Brilliant service by Garageflex, Alistair and the team, so happy with our garage which is now a brilliant gym and work area! “
Mrs E, Norfolk, January 2020
Garageflex Home Gym - Customer Testimonial
If you would like to know more why not view our gym page?

Garageflex Essentials is almost here…

Over the coming weeks we will be launching a new range called Garageflex Essentials.  The aim is to offer great storage for your garage and an attractive tiled floor at an affordable price.

This won’t replace our premium Design & Install service and will be most suitable for new build, modern garages that don’t have lots of complicated metres, pipes and boilers.

In the video below, you will see an example of the range which includes FlexiTrack to your wall, freestanding cabinets and shelving plus a range of storage hooks, racks shelves along with a tiled floor.  The video shows a recent customer who won a competition to win a £3,00 garage makeover, seeing his newly installed Garageflex Essentials garage for the first time.

If this is something you might be interested in for your garage, you can register your interest now by emailing us.  We’ll add you to our priority list to get in touch with you as soon as it is launched.

Want to design your own Home Gym?

January.  The month when we make new year’s resolutions, cut out alcohol and plan to get back into fitness.  But instead of opting for a pricey gym membership, how about converting your garage into your very own gym?

In this blog, we’ll look at examples of where we have helped customer create their own fitness spaces ranging from complete home gyms to those specific to sports such as Golf or Cycling.  Any questions or comments, do let us know on 01491 579975 or email us at info@garageflex.co.uk.

The “All-Rounder” Home Gym

This home gym was created for a customer in Stourbridge in November 2018.  She wanted to turn her single garage into a fitness space for her and her daughter to use so the focus was on putting fitness equipment on the wall so that she had plenty of floor space.  As you can see, bikes, tennis, balls, rollers, hoops and weights are now all fixed on the wall, opening up the space for bigger, stand alone, equipment.

Garageflex Home Gym blog January 2019

A large mirror was installed as part of the wall installation as well as a tv to keep the customer motivated whilst working out.    Finally, floor tiles were added as they give good traction and are an ideal base to work out on.  To read the full case study, click here.

Home Gym Garage Garageflex January 2019 new year

Another gym we completed back in 2016 was this all-rounder gym for a customer in Wales.  The focus was on getting all their gym equipment into the small space, so storage was really important to clear the space.  Again, floor tiles were added to the floor, our FlexiPanel was added to the walls and a good selection of storage accessories such as hobby racks, baskets and cabinets were installed.

Garage Home Gym Garageflex Single

Storage plus gym equipment

If you have stand alone gym equipment such as treadmills, rowing machines or cross trainers, then getting maximum clear floor space is key.  This Exeter garage has storage to put items away but keeps things clear of the floor so you can really get your sweat on!  To see the full case study click here.

Garage home gym ideas garageflex january 2019

Golf Storage

Storing golf clubs is easy if you have a dedicated place for them.  You will always know where they are when you need them, so you can spend more time decreasing your handicap than looking for your clubs.  This image shows a garage installation we completed in Berkshire for a keen golfer who wanted to keep everything organised.  The Golf Activity Centre makes storing your clubs on the wall easy and hooks can be used for your PowaKaddy too.

Golf Storage Garageflex Garage new year blog January 2019

A great way to store your PowaKaddy with our double hooks as shown in this garage fit out in Kent.

Golf Storage Garageflex Garage new year blog January 2019


Storage for your bikes

No place to store bikes on your wall?  Then consider using your ceiling, if it is high enough, to store them instead.  In this garage, completed in 2018, we installed extra long hoists so that the customer could easily lower and elevate his bikes when he wanted to.  This is a great way to use all of the available space in your garage for storage.

Bike Ceiling Storage Garageflex Garage Gym


This garage owner really had the cycling bug and wanted his bikes to be centre stage in his garage.  The whole garage was fitted out with wall panel, floor tiles, overhead ceiling racks and of course storage racks for his bikes.  We used our Vertical Bike Racks which are very easy to use and put the bike on.  Plus it displays them quite nicely too!

garage home gym bike storage options january 2019

Other sports storage ideas

Scooters and kids bikes can be attached to the garage walls via hooks and brackets too once you have our FlexiPanel fitted to the garage wall.  This photo shows Garageflex MD Alastair Broom with the fantastic Sarah Beeney.  We designed and fitted out this garage as part of Sarah’s Double Your House TV programme.  Click here to find out more.

Bike and Scooter storage home gym

How can we help?

Of course every garage is different in terms of size, items inside and of course, what you want to use it for.  Give us a call on 01491 579975 to discuss your particular requirements and we’ll do our best to provide ideas and inspiration.  You can also send us an email to discuss info@garageflex.co.uk.

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