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Get your garage ready for Autumn

10 tips to get your garage ready for autumn email header

Whether we like it or not, Autumn is certainly on the way.  And there are a few things you can do to get your garage ready for the colder months to come.  Here’s our top ten tips!

1. Banish draughts and gaps

If your garage doors are a little draughty and have gaps at the bottom, then installing a threshold barrier could be the answer.  Not only do they stop to stop draughts and leaves from coming in, they also keep out water, keeping your garage clean and dry.

Threshold Barrier

2. Clean Up

It is almost time for Summer furniture, pools and outside toys to be stored for the Winter so giving your garage a good clean before you put it all back in is a good idea.  Even sweeping the floor and getting rid of cobwebs can make a difference.


3. Assess your storage

Do you need some more storage?  Putting away paddling pools, badminton nets and chairs may mean you need to assess what you have and whether you could do with more.  Free standing shelving is a good option or opt for wall mounted accessories which keep the floor tidy too.  You’ll then know where everything is next Summer.

wall storage solutions

4. Have a declutter

Whether you make it a whole weekend’s project or just an hour, decluttering can make an enourmous difference. Start with one area and work your way around the space getting rid of items you haven’t used in the last year.  Make piles for the tip, charity shop or freecycle are a good way.

5. Organise your items into zones

Create spaces for pet stuff, diy, crafts, toys etc. and you’ll find it much easier to find what you’re looking for.

Storage Zones

6. Move items to the front

Take time to bring to the front items you might need in the coming months.  You aren’t going to need outside furniture in the Winter so why not store that all out of the way, perhaps on the ceiling, until next year.  Think whether Christmas decorations can be made more easily accessible.


7.  Make sure your lights work! 

There is nothing worse than going into the garage on a dark evening and realising you have still forgotten to repair the light, get it all in working order now.


8. Check your garage door works correctly. 

If you don’t open your door regularly now is the time to check it is all working well, there are no creaks, rusted sections or draughts coming in.  If there are you can decide to get them repaired, insulated  or, in some cases, invest in new ones.

10 tips to get your garage ready for Autumn


9. Upgrade your garage floor

Cement can be cold and dusty.  So upgrading to a sturdy, non-slip floor can make a tremendous difference to the feel of your garage.  Not only will the new floor look good, it will be nicer to walk on too.  We are delighted to offer a range of flooring options for your garage floor, click here to view.


10. Store bikes on the wall or ceiling.

Don’t leave your bikes all leaning up against the wall.  This can lead to problems from falling over, injuring others and also put your bike at risk of breaking.  Store them on the wall or ceiling to keep them safe and dry. Take a look at our Bike Storage ideas for more inspiration.

10 tips to get your garage ready for Autumn


If you would like any advice on sorting out your garage and making best use of the space, please do get in touch.  The team at Garageflex offer you the choice to have the garage designed and installed by our professional team or you can take the time to install it yourself.  We would be delighted to offer advice and assistance on both options.

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