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Six good reasons to give the garage a makeover

In a few weeks time we are fitting out a garage for a customer in Wimbledon who is letting their house out to one of the top seeds playing at the All England Club in July.  A few years ago we fitted out another garage in Wimbledon whose tenant was another top seed in the men’s section of the draw!

With houses around the area being let out to tennis players and fans, it got us thinking about what a garage can say about your house and why you should bother to give it a makeover.

Here are six good reasons why you should think about it as your next project.

Blog Six good reasons to give the garage a makeover_

Stand out feature

When it comes to selling or renting out your home, you want a stand out feature to entice people in.  Now a good looking garage is not going to make or break the deal but imagine what a welcome surprise when the doors are opened.  Instead of a dark, gloomy place full of cobwebs, the sight that greets them is a clean, bright and organised space.  Could it be the thing that pushes the potential buyer /renter into choosing your home?

Garageflex garage makeover


Fitting in with the rest of the house

A lot of houses that we go to have been extended, had a new kitchen and generally look fantastic.  But you would be surprised at the state of the garage, usually it is the place that the owners are a little embarrassed about.

Having a garage that lives up to the rest of the house is surely a must and isn’t that hard to achieve.  Creating a space that is bright and has plenty of storage options is a delight to show off to friends instead of dodging the space.  We’ve even had customers who have held drinks parties in their garage on a lovely Summer’s evening!

Garageflex garage makeover

Turning it into a specific use room i.e. gym, office, playroom, golf, diy or craft studio

Space might be limited in your house yet you are desperate to have your own home gym, craft studio, pottery place or office.  Where can you go?  Upgrading your garage to any of these options doesn’t have to cost the earth and plenty of our customers find that they have an additional room in their house without the whole issue of converting their garage.

Garageflex diy craft room


Space for all the house clutter

Most homes don’t have enough storage so there are always excess items that are kept in the house because they don’t have anywhere else to go.  But how about if they had a dedicated space inside the garage?  Buggies and bikes can be hung from the wall, kids toys can be neatly stored on wall shelving and Christmas decorations or garden furniture could even be put on storage accessories on the ceiling.  This will help declutter your house yet make sure items are easily within reach when you need them.

decluttering the house garageflex

Don’t move, improve

Another trend we are seeing a lot is that customers are looking to improve their houses rather than move to a new one.  Maybe they love their location, can’t afford the stamp duty to move to the next step house or just feel they want to grow old in their current place.

Whatever the reason, we are seeing plenty of customers come and talk to us about their garage.  It probably takes into account a number of the points we’ve already made that it can help it stand out from the crowd when it comes to being sold, fits nicely in with the rest of the beautiful house and having a good place for storing lots of items.

We’ve even had customers whose garage we’ve fitted out who have extended the garage and want us to transform the new area too.

improve your house with a garage transformation


Time Saving

Last but not least is the issue about how long it takes us to find a single item in the chaos that is the garage.  Does this sound familiar?  Creating zones in your garage allows you to group similar items together so you could create a DIY zone with tool hooks, tip out bins for screws and a workbench.  Then on the other side of the garage it could be a bike area with racks and hooks.  Whatever your passion, you want to be doing the things you love rather than rooting around in the garage trying to find that one item.  You might even have time to install a Tennis area ready for your Wimbledon frenzy!

time saving ideas from garageflex garage

Let us help you design and install a garage that fits in with your lifestyle and helps you make the most of the space.  After all, the garage is one of the most underused spaces that we have in our homes – why not turn it into a place you love?!

Give us a call on 01491 579975 or email us at to discuss your requirements.

Take a look at our brand new brochure for garage inspiration

We are delighted to share our brand new brochure which has just been updated.  The new version is now live and we would love you to download it and take a look.  We hope it provides inspiration for your garage interior whether you have a small single or a large triple garage.

We’ve included some brand new case studies, updated our metal cabinet range and added some great customer testimonials so you can find out what others think about our garages.

With storage in our homes becoming more of a problem, it’s a no brainer to use our garage space to its full potential.  So why not take a look and grab some inspiration for your garage makeover.

Garageflex brochure May 2019 Front Cover

We are very happy to talk through your garage requirements over the phone.  We can give you our ideas and a ballpark figure as to how much it might cost to transform your garage space.  If this sounds about right then we’ll arrange for one of our Design Consultants to visit you in your home to give you a design and more accurate quote for the installation.

Get in touch today to discuss your garage on 01491 579975 or email us at

Recent garage installations

We love to share recent garage installations that have been completed.  Below you will find a small selection of those we’ve completed over the last few weeks from Kent to Staffordshire and from Cheshire to London.

We can help you turn your garage into a space to enjoy – whether it be to bring it up to scratch with the rest of the house, turn it into a home gym or just satisfy the neat side of your personality.  Give us a call to discuss your requirements on 01491 579975 or email us at


Recent Installations by Garageflex

Is this your dream garage?

This stunning garage recently completed in Buckinghamshire is just so nice we had to create a little video to showcase it!

Stunning Garage Makeover in Buckinghamshire by Garageflex

We first met this customer and completed his garage installation back in 2009. But in 2018, Mr M contacted us to say he had extended the garage and now wanted to add in a Resin Floor and needed more storage. Alastair went to see him in Buckinghamshire to see how we could now help.

The garage was now home to a car lift so that the customer could work on his cars and store them at the same time. We helped him sort out his garage with new garage doors, a beautiful light grey resin floor and our wall panel so that he can now add storage. We are always so pleased when previous customers come back to us for their new house or, like this customer, rebuild or extend so that we can help with that too.

The garage is now completed with a grey Resin floor and white wall cladding that takes plenty of storage accessories. It is now most definitely a home fit for these lovely cars.  To see the full Case Study, click here.

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