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Fit your garage out in style with our new metal cabinet range

When it comes to storage cupboards for your garage, you really can’t beat a solid metal option.  That’s why we’ve decided to move away from our plastic range and focus on selling these fantastic quality metal cabinets instead.

Metal cabinet range

From base units to wall units and from pedestal benches to mobile units, this range of metal cabinets are ideal for use in the garage. In fact, we’ve installed quite a lot over the past few years and find that our customers prefer them to the standard plastic range. That’s why we are completely moving over to this hardwearing range.

Choose from Tall Cabinets, Base Units, Wall Cabinets and Mobile Units.  Plus we have pedestal units with drawers and cupboard storage underneath so you can choose the type of cabinet that is right for you.  They also have locking functions so you can keep your items securely stored.

Each item has a light grey housing but you have the option to choose from four colours for doors so you can co-ordinate with your garage interior.

Metal cabinet range colour options


Design & Install or DIY?

To have these in your garage you can now choose to incorporate them as a wider garage makeover as part of our Design & Install service. This is when one of our Design Consultants visit you in your home to measure up and create a design for your garage space.

Metal tall cabinets in garage    Metal tall cabinets in garage


Or you can opt to buy them online at our store to install yourself.  They come ready assembled so you don’t have to worry about putting them together.   Click here to visit our e-store.


Metal Cabinet Range


However you to decide to have them installed in your garage, you can be sure that they are fit for purpose and will last for a long time.  Give us a call on 01491 579974 or send us an email to see how best we can help you with your garage space.

Renting your home? Try FlexiTrack for your storage needs

One of our very first customers near to our offices in Henley on Thames recently moved house and wanted to take his Garageflex units with him.  He told us that he loved his garage system and knew he would want to have it again in his next garage.

Unfortunately, he had moved into long term rental and with lots of “stuff” to store. Given it was a rental property, he didn’t want to spend too much on someone’s else’s house so Alastair Broom suggested he put everything he could on our FlexiTrack system.

Wall Storage for your home - renting Garageflex


The customer thought this was a great idea and so our fitters spent a couple of days installing FlexiTrack in his garage, boiler room and storage room. The overall cost was very reasonable and it gave him exactly what he wanted.

So he’s now happy knowing everything is sensibly stored and he can take it with him when he moves on. And the landlord is delighted as he has a FlexiTrack for the next tenant!

Garageflex rental property storage solutions


This is something that can easily be installed as a diy project and our lengths of FlexiTrack can also be cut to fit your space. So there’s no excuse for all that clutter on the floor anymore!

If you are unsure as to how to install our track system, the video below shows you just how easy it is as demonstrated by our fitter Mark.

Once you have FlexiTrack installed, you can add baskets, shelves, racks and more to create storage that is just perfect for your space.

If you do have any questions, then please let us know, we would be delighted to answer them.  Or you can click here to buy online.

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