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DAVID FLATMAN looks at turning his no man’s land into new man cave

We are a little late in posting this fantastic article from ex-England Rugby Star David Flatman which was featured in the September 2018 edition of Show House magazine.

But here it is.  David talks about his love of his garage and why, if most people need one, do housebuilders not seem to give more than a passing thought to making more of the space?

Full article below but we love this quote from him:

David Flatman Recommendation Garageflex September 2018David Flatman ex England Rugby recommends Garageflex Show House 2018David Flatman ex England Rugby recommends Garageflex Show House 2018


To find out how we can help you with your garage, whether it be a new build or one that’s just in need of some TLC, get in touch.  We offer a free design consultation at your home to give you a full and accurate quote.  To see more about our complete garage makeover process click here.


ShowHouse Editor Rupert Bates gives his view on his Garageflex installation

We are thrilled to share that we have been featured in November’s edition of ShowHouse magazine.

Back in August one of our installation teams visited Editor Rupert Bates’ house and spent four days transforming his garage.  The garage turned from a bare wall and concrete floored space into a clean, tidy and organised place.  The full case study will be available shortly but in the meantime you may wish to look at this month’s ShowHouse magazine where you can read Rupert’s take on the design and installation process and how he now feels about his garage.

To read the full article, click on the image below.

It is National Organising Week! Are you ready to organise your garage?

So with it being National Organising Week until Sunday 11th November, it got us thinking about how you can declutter and organise your garage space.  Well let’s start by saying, you’ve come to the right place!

National Organising Week APDO Garageflex

APDO (Association of Professional Declutters and Organisers) have set up National Organising Week (NOW).  The aim is to motivate British households to clear the clutter with APDO members helping you get more out of your space.

The vision for NOW is:

  • to inspire change for anyone who needs it
  • to make life simpler
  • to create a calmer home
  • to manage time better
  • to assist in finding professional help and support if required.


So we thought, what are would the top five things you can do in your garage to organise it?

1. The first thing is to make sure you are ready with your provisions!  Items like sturdy bin liners, a vacuum, broom and clear boxes are all good things to have before you start.  If you can label your clear boxes then that is helpful too so you know what each box is for such as Keep, Donate, To Sort Through and Bin.

In fact we found a blog that looks at how portable storage boxes can help with decluttering.  Read more here.

decluttering garageflex storage


2.  Start the decluttering process by getting rid of or moving any large items that are in the way.  We’re not talking about your fridge or freezer but more like chairs, bikes and step ladders.  Once these are out of the way you can assess the space and decide where to start.


3.  Some decluttering experts recommend moving everything out of the space so that you can give it all a really good clean. But of course that isn’t always possible because of time, heaviness of items or it is raining outside.  So why not start with one area.  Go through the items, use your storage boxes to keep items, throw them out or donate.  If you have lots of little bits you might want to put them in a box to go through at a later date.  If in doubt the question of “When did I last use this?” is a good rule of thumb.

Once you are finished with one wall or area, you can either take a break or move to the next.

National Organising Week Garageflex


4.  Once you are finished or exhausted, it is time to actually get rid of the junk you don’t want anymore.  It might be that some you can get rid of in your weekly rubbish pick-up or you can recycle it.  Or you may need a trip to the tip.  With items that are of good quality and have life left in them you can either decide to donate to a charity shop, put them on ebay to earn a little cash or add them to freecycle.


5.  Now is the time to organise!  We’ll do a full blog on this shortly but ways to organise include creating different zones in your garage such as sports equipment, gardening items, diy tools etc.  Then you need to add in some storage that suits your needs.  So if you want to store all your gardening rakes, hoes and spades then wall storage where you can hang them up is a good idea.

National Organising Week Garageflex Storage


Check back soon to see more of how to organise your garage.  We would love to help you design and install the garage of your dreams so perhaps you might like to download our brochure?

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