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5 ways to keep your garage cosy during the cold weather

5 ways to keep your garage cosy during the cold weather-2


We admit it.  Garages are never going to be the warmest of places in your  house but there are a few things you can do to keep the warmth in.  Here are five ways to warm up your garage.  And whilst they may never be the cosiest place on earth, chances are it will be a little warmer for your DIY or general tinkering.

1 Fit garage doors with a draught excluder

Garageflex draught excluder

A lot of older garage doors are not completely sealed tight so let in draughts, making it colder than it needs to be.  Try installing some kind of excluder like this threshold barrier which will seal the door completely and stop the wind, leaves or even snow from getting in.

2.  Are your garage windows up to the job?

If you have windows in your garage then this is a big source of heat loss.  Try buying a window insulation kit that gives a double glazing effect, helping you cut down on heat loss and stop draughts.

3  Install a barrier on your garage walls

FlexiPanel helps to seal up your garage walls

Adding insulation to your garage walls can help keep the heat in.  Or try our FlexiPanel.  This covers your entire wall with our white panel which can help to stop draughts that come in any tiny holes.  The panel also has the added benefit of eliminating nooks and crannies were bugs can hide.

4.  Add in heaters

This is an obvious one.  But if you work in your garage, use if for DIY and hobbies or a games room then you might want to think about heaters such as forced air heaters or convector ones.  You could even consider electrical heating panels which fit on the ceiling if you are low on space or a heater ‘curtain’ which fits in front of your doors and costs about £150.

5.  Lay a floor and add in ceiling cladding

Sealing the floor can help stop the cold from rising upwards.  We find that Floor Tiles are a good option.  In addition, we all know that warm air rises so adding in ceiling panelling to stop this air from escaping through the roof will also help to keep it more cosy.

Garageflex range of floor tiles for your residential home garage floor


We are always happy to answer any questions you have so please do get in touch!


Castle Combe Motor Circuit, February 2018

Castle Combe Testimonial Garageflex

Lots of fun at The London Classic Car Show

Last weekend we attended the London Classic Car Show at Excel and yet again, it was a great event which was well attended.  We’ve been going for the last four years and so it was good to catch up with old friends and meeting new customers.

Garageflex attend the London Classic Car Show #LCCS2018

Whilst there, we met up with a previous customer whose garage floor we installed in 2017.  He was only too happy to give us this great video testimonial on our stand and tell us why he is so happy with the job.  Click on the video below to find out more.

As always, if you would like to discuss your garage, please do get in touch with us on 01491 579975 or email us at info@garageflex.co.uk.

Oxfordshire Customer Testimonial

Oxfordshire Garage with Testimonial

Berkshire Customer Testimonial

Berkshire Garage with Testimonial Garageflex

Beautiful garage installation in Cobham, Surrey

We have many customers who are ready to do their garage installation project straight away, but not all.  This customer first got in touch with us in 2008 but it wasn’t until late 2017 when building work had finished on his property that he was ready to go ahead.

Having panelled all three walls with our FlexiTrack plus a floor, new doors and a ceiling, this project is what we call a Complete Garage Makeover.  You can find out more about this here

Once the FlexiTrack was installed on the walls, we added in a couple of Tall Cabinets, Wine Storage Racks, Shelving and a Workbench to solve all the customer’s problems.  We also helped him match up his new garage doors in a black Georgian style to fit with the rest of his house. 

In some of the images you can see a white metal panel, this is covering up a boiler and metre area.  So if it needs to be accessed, the metal plate can easily be removed without taking off all the wall panels.

This really was a lovely project to be involved in and we are delighted with the result, as is the customer.  For us, this really does have lots of kerb appeal.

You CAN fit a car into a single garage!

For those of you out there with a single garage who think you can’t fit a car into it, here’s the proof that you can! Ok it is a bit tight but it can be done.

After purchasing a new house from Berkeley Homes this customer found that, as with most new builds, he didn’t have enough storage space in his house.  So where to keep everything?  The answer is of course the garage.  But what do you do if the garage has bare walls, no shelving, cupboards or storage installed AND  you want to keep your car in there too?  The customer decided to call Alastair Broom to see how Garageflex could help.

After going over to Taplow to discuss the project with the customer, a plan was drawn up to make the most of the height of the garage.  This meant adding in storage above the height of the car such as shelves and overhead ceiling racks.  And, as a keen golfer, a golf storage element was included too along with a grey tiled floor, hooks and a cabinet. 

This solved all the customer’s problems.  He can now use the garage to store all his stuff plus get his car in too.  The customer testimonial video below gives us the customer’s thoughts on his Garageflex installation and how much he loves our products.

Garageflex and GDPR

A few important changes to note around Data Protection Legislation and GDPR

What is GDPR?

GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation is a new set of EU regulations set to come into force on May 25th 2018. The regulations give citizens more control over their data and to create a uniformity of rules to enforce across the continent.

What are Garageflex doing?

We recently sent out a note to all those on our database to update them on how we are dealing with this issue.  We shall in future only be able to keep those on our database informed of what we are doing if express permission is given.

What this means is that we won’t offer the chance to “opt out” of receiving emails and newsletters. Instead we will have to seek express permission to communicate with our customers. Without this we shall not be able to keep in touch.

We are currently working on updating our website, CRM programme and all areas of communications with our customers and will bring you an update shortly.

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