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10 Amazing Garage Design Ideas


We have been seeing some great garage design ideas out there recently and so thought a blog about the best 10 things you can do in your garage was just crying to be written!  So here goes, these our top ideas if you want some inspiration for your garage.

1. Don’t just put in stairs, add in a slide too

If you are building a garage below your house or you already have stairs, why not incorporate a slide into the staircase too?  We thought this was a great idea and also keeps any little ones happy as well. Win win all round!

2.  Park in just the right place

Ever put your car in the garage and found the door banging into another car or the wall?  These two images show just how you can ensure you park in the right place to stop this happening.  Either you can use a parking guide which has a ramp which your front wheels hit or you could think about outlining your car parking space with a different colour of floor tiles.  Or both.


3.  Get rid of those ladders out the way

Though great things, ladders can be hard to store.  And this was what happened to Magician Paul Daniels who couldn’t find quite the right product for his garage.  He purchased one of our Ceiling “T” Racks and then set about creating just what he needed with a little bit of creativity.  He then posted a video about his project and we think it looks smashing!

4.  Change your garage into something else, home gym anyone?

Garageflex helped a customer change his garage from a dusty and cluttered place into a slick home gym. The team also worked around existing pipework and a boiler to ensure the client still had access should the need for servicing or repair arise.  This transformation took just 4 days.

5. Wine o’clock!  I’ll just head downstairs for a bottle

What an innovative use of space which we think would work fantastically in a garage. 


6.  Make things easy for yourself

If you need black bin bags or kitchen roll close to hand, then a dispenser like this could be ideal.  Whether you need it for spills or general tidying, nice to know its always there when you need it.

Garageflex Paper Towel Holder for the Garage

7.  Have a cool breeze in your garage

Ok so not particularly suited to the changeable UK weather but a great option for the summer months is this cool breeze garage door idea.  The idea is that it keeps the bugs and flys out but lets a lovely breeze in and the screen opens right the way across so it makes getting in and out of the garage easy.

8.   Create a tool wall

Perfect for keeping everything to hand and in the right place.  This is a wall completed for a client in Tonbridge Wells.  You can see that the main wall has been panelled in FlexiPanel where brackets and hooks can tidy the tools. Then the wall next to the door has some FlexiTrack fitted which is simple to put up and offers a variety of flexible storage solutions.

Tool Wall for your Garage from Garageflex Hooks Hangers

9.  Have a custom-made sign created

We love this personalised garage sign, perfect for the man or woman in your life.   This one has the engraving on reclaimed slate and we found it on

10.  Organise your bikes

There’s nothing worse than having lots of bikes taking up space and creating a trip hazard.  Think about how you could store them more efficiently, whether it be a wall rack or on the ceiling.

Store your bikes on the garage ceiling with Garageflex Hooks, Hangers and Hoists

So that is our top ten design ideas for the garage.  If you like what you see, come and talk to Garageflex at or phone 01491 579975. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals from Garageflex

Welcome to our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Originally from the US, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now becoming a big thing in the UK. 

We are delighted to share our exclusive online deals which will only be available until Monday 27th November 2017.

Take £15 off of our new DIY Storage Kits.  To get the Black Friday deals you will need a special voucher code to use on our online store, add “BlackFriday2017” in at the Cart stage.

Garageflex Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals

Please find below our exclusive discounted offers* available until 23.59 on Monday 27th November 2017.  All prices are inclusive of VAT and P&P.

Remember, use code BlackFriday2017 at checkout to get our exclusive Black Friday price shown below.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Garageflex Sale General Storage Option 1 Deals

 Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale Garageflex General Storage Option 2 Deals

 Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale Bike Storage Option 1 Deals

Black Friday Cyber Monday Bike Storage Option 2 Sale Deals

 Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale Gardening Storage Option 1 Deals

 Black Friday Cyber Monday Gardening Storage Option 2 Sale Deals


* These prices are discounted now until 23-59 on Monday 27th November 2017.  The RRP price is how much the items would cost if you were to buy each one separately and not part of the DIY Storage Kit offer.

Looking for a good, cost-effective storage solution for your garage? Meet our new DIY Storage Kits.

DIY Storage Kit Options

Whilst the mainstay of our business is to help customers design and install bespoke storage solutions for their garage, we do understand that not everyone wants the whole thing sorted out for them.  To this end, we’ve created six new DIY Storage Kit options, aimed at those looking for a DIY storage solution for their garage.

Declutter your garage space with our DIY Storage Kits

What are the kits?

Each kit is designed to give you a quick and cost-effective solution for your garage.  They are priced competitively in that the total cost for each kit is less than if you were to buy all items separately on our e-store.

All of our new kits include at least one length of our FlexiTrack panel to add to your garage wall.  FlexiTrack is a long strip of our white panel which measures 150mm (H) and 1200mm (Width).  It is very simple to install on your garage wall, simply by using a drill, spirit level, raw plugs and screws. 

To see exactly how it gets installed on your wall, take a look at our new video below.  In this video, our professional fitter Mark, gives you a step by step guide to the installation.

What is included in each kit?

It obviously depends on which option you choose but each kit includes:

  • at least one length of FlexiTrack including raw plugs and screws
  • various hooks, baskets, shelves, racks or brackets depending on which kit you have chosen

The kits include general storage, gardening and bike storage.

How can I buy it?

To buy any of our new kits please visit our online store and choose the kit that you would like to order.  We will get your kit sent out within a few days of receiving your order via courier and give you a tracking number.  Shipping is free.

Buy Now Button DIY Storage Kit


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