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Damaged Garage Floor? This is how Floor Tiles can hide a damaged and pitted garage floor

When it comes to garage floors, the team at Garageflex have really seen it all.  From brand new pristine concrete to the most cracked and damaged garage floors around.  But even in the worse case scenario its not always doom and gloom as there is almost always something that can be done about it.

In August 2017 we visited a house in Henley on Thames after the client called our Head Office to see how we could help with his garage floor.  The customer wanted to install a new floor to keep the interior of the garage in keeping with the rest of the house.  But how and what could be done to sort out the garage floor?

On inspection of the floor by Managing Director Alastair Broom, it was clear that the current cracked, stained and pitted concrete floor would need some remedial work in order that a sound floor could be established.

Floor Tile Installation before garageflex pitted concrete floor

The first stage was to arrange for our professional fitters to visit the site and lay a self levelling compound to fill in the cracks. This helps by also smoothing out any un-eveness and creating a good solid floor that could be worked with.

Garageflex self levelling compound for garage floor

Now that the floor is sound its time to lay the Tiles on top of the re-surfaced area. The client in this instance chose a light grey raised disk floor tile to cover the whole garage floor.  This single garage took around 5-6 hours to lay.  If you are interested in laying floor tiles yourself, our handy How To guide might a useful source.

Finished Completed Garageflex Floor Tiles Garage


To see more floor tile installations visit our Houzz Ideabook for further inspiration.




Thinking of installing tiles in your garage? Our new How To Guide provides help and advice

Installing floor tiles in your garage can make all the difference to the look and feel of your garage. Not only do they look great, they provide good traction to stop any slips and falls and are very easy to keep clean.

How do I install them in my garage?

Installing our Floor Tiles in your garage is easy.  Either you can have our professional team of fitters install them for you, usually in one day, or you can buy them from our online store and lay them yourself.  For a competent DIY person they are pretty easy to lay with the help of a Circular or Jig Saw and a rubber mallet.  Our new How To Guide shows you how to do it, providing advice and tips to make it an easy process.

Of course, if you have questions before or during the fitting then we are on hand to talk you through the process.  Just call us on 01491 579975 or email us at for help.

Buy Garage Floor Tiles How To Guide

Installing new garage doors can really increase your kerb appeal

Whether you are looking at installing some new garage doors for aesthetic purposes or yours have seen better days, updating your doors can add real kerb appeal to your property.

This customer in Dorset recently asked us to update his old garage door with a modern roller shutter version.  And what a difference it makes.  The new door is a similar colour but is much more robust, secure and fitted meaning that those drafts and leaves can’t get in. 

For more information on our Garage Door service, please click here.

A garage for fun! This completed garage now boasts plenty of storage and space for games too.

Mr M came to us after doing a google search to see how he could make the most of his garage space.  As with most of our customers he wanted to clear the clutter and make more usable space.  But unlike most of our customers, he didn’t want the extra space for his car or bikes, he wanted to set it up as a games room that also boasted lots of storage.

MD Alastair Broom went to see him to discuss the project and left him with a design which used all three walls for storage.  Adding cabinets to two of the walls solved a number of storage issues whilst putting up shelves, hooks and storage racks took care of the rest of the stuff which didn’t have a home. 

Our professional team of fitters visited the site in Stratford-on-Avon in July 2017 and took 4 days to complete the transformation.  Now, Mr M has a place for all his bits and bobs rather than them being distributed in different areas around the garage.  Plus he has a central space ideal for his games area which is now being put to good use during these rainy Summer days we are experiencing.

To find out how we can help you transform your garage give us a call or send us an email.

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