Let’s face it, most garage floors are pretty ugly. Practical, but ugly. Your garage floor is probably made of concrete, has oil or paint stains on it and of course all that dust! With so many tasks vying for your attention and share of pocket upgrading your garage floor might not be your top priority. But here are five good reasons why it should perhaps be a bit higher.

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You might think that because a garage is an enclosed space it wouldn’t be affected by the weather. However, concrete is porous and a concrete floor can soak up excess rain water and cause a problem with damp in your garage. If you use it for storage you run the risk of damaging your items.


If you use your garage for car mechanics or as a workshop you run the risk of injury, as a concrete garage floor can become slippery when wet.


Concrete is ugly, end of story. If you only use your garage to store your car or as a workshop that might not matter too much, but if you want to use your garage as an office or additional home space you want to have garage floor to be proud of!


The average lifespan of a concrete floor can be measured in decades but it will need maintenance and repairs, especially if you use your garage for heavy machinery, for example. What you need is something that is resistant to abrasions and is easy to clean, meaning less maintenance work for you.


You may think concrete is the most suitable material for a floor in a space where you use tools and there’s the chance that liquid could be spilt. That’s not the case though. If oil, petrol or other fluids soak into concrete they can be difficult to clean up properly and can damage the surface causing it to crack. And if you drop tools on the ground you run the risk of damaging the tool and the floor, because there’s no “give” in concrete.

Here at Garageflex we believe that whether you want to park your car in your garage, use it for DIY or just for storage, every garage deserves a floor that provides a safe environment for all the family yet looks great too.