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Beautiful fitted garage in East Lothian, Scotland

We were delighted when this customer in East Lothian called us to see how we could help sort out his garage.  Our design consultant who looks after Scotland is David Starbuck-Edwards and he arranged to go and see the client to see what he wanted to achieve.


What happened next?

Once there, the customer quickly detailed out that he wanted a fitted garage with a few wall cupboards, shelving and a new garage floor.  With this in mind, David created a design that gave the customer the clean lines he wanted yet added in practical storage.  The installation was added to the Garageflex calendar once approved by the client.

Although we are based in Buckinghamshire we do travel all across the Country to install our bespoke storage solutions and so travelling up to Scotland was no problem.  The fitters were on site for 4 days whilst they added our FlexiPanel to the walls, a tiled floor and then a selection of Tall Cabinets and Shelves.  The result is a beautifully fitted out garage.

Happy Christmas from Garageflex

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas from all of us at Garageflex.

We’ve produced a very short Christmas message below to wish you a Happy Christmas.  We hope you have an enjoyable festive period and look forward to speaking with  you in 2017.

With the Christmas holidays almost upon us, we wanted to let everyone know we will be closed from 1pm on Friday 23rd December and re-open at 9am on Tuesday 3rd January.  We will have an emergency contact number on our answering service should you need to contact us urgently.

Garageflex Christmas 2016 Opening Hours

Storage problems in your garage? Our storage solutions could help

If there is one area in the home that doesn’t get a lot of attention, its the garage.  Where do you store your bikes? Put them in the garage. What about Christmas decorations? The garage is a great place to store them but it can quickly become a dumping ground either because you haven’t anywhere else to store the items or you think you might make use of them later on.


This is especially true in today’s society where we are all fond of accumulating clutter.  In addition, a change in your lifestyle such as a growing family, can quickly mean you have more items than space to store them.  This needn’t be a problem however, as long as you have sufficient storage solutions available.

But how do you sort it all out?  

One practical thing you (and the rest of your household members) can do is to go through all your stuff and sort items into different categories.  These categories can be the things you really use, the things you do not really use but think can be of use in the future, and the things you wish to dispose of.  Needless to say, the things you actually use should stay. For the second category, set a limit for how long they get to stay in your garage and if you don’t use them within that timeframe, its probably time to get rid of them. As for the third category, try Freecycle or a charity shop so they can be re-used.

But what if, after you have sorted out your stuff, you still cannot find enough storage space for them? 

This is where making great use of your wall and ceiling space in the garage comes in. If you have a garage then chances are you are not fully benefiting from this space and should take a look at what storage accessories are on the market.  A great way to give yourself space to see what is in your garage is to keep everything off the floor. This includes adding cabinets, shelves, and racks to your walls and ceiling so everything is tidied away, yet easily accessible. For the things you frequently use, you can store them in open shelves.  Seasonal items, on the other hand, can go into the ceiling storage. Take a look at the Garageflex range of Wall and Ceiling storage solutions by clicking on the images below.

Garageflex Wall Solutions - are you making the most of your garage wall space?  Garage Ceiling Solutions: Overhead Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions can help you use your space differently  

Once you have created more floor space, you can even start to use the space differently.  Got your eye on a home gym, office or even just want to get your car in?  Then think about decluttering, sorting out and getting useful storage accessories in. Your garage will become well-organised, and the best thing about it is that you have easy access to the things you need. 

Review taken from The Review Centre, December 2016

A very satisfied customer – 5*

Review Centre Logo

“The product is great and the service couldn’t be better.  The installation was right on time and completed very quickly.  Courteous operatives who did a very tidy job and cleared up after.  The finished garage interior looks terrific.  I would definitely recommend the product and the company.”

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Garageflex appear in Homify Article “20 home improvements that don’t need planning permission (part one)”

Homify recently published a new article looking at things you can do to improve your home that don’t require planning permission.  It seems there are plenty of things you can do to remodel or update your home and we were delighted that at number 4 in this list the idea of using attached garages as extra storage space.

Homify logo on Garageflex

Homify: “20 home improvements that don’t need planning permission (part one)”

Garageflex Double Your House Fitted Garage

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West Yorkshire Case Study with FlexiPanel and FlexiTrack

This customer in Yorkshire contacted our Design Consultant David Starbuck-Edwards to find out more about a Garageflex fitted garage.  David went to visit him at his home to give him more information on our range and how it works.  He also measured the garage up and left him with a design plan so he could visually see what his garage could look like once fitted out.

How did we transform the garage?

Some of the Gallery Photos show the garage before our team of fitters arrived.  Next you can see one wall once the timber battens had been added.  Finally the FlexiPanel is added to this wall to complete the process.  FlexiPanel are our full wall panels and cover the whole of the garage wall meaning you can move items such as Cabinets and Shelves around as and when you wish.  The other two walls were painted white to blend in with the rest of the decor and then FlexiTrack added.  Our FlexiTrack is a good option if you don’t want to clad the whole wall but still want to add storage.  Its also beneficial if you have a smaller space as it can be cut to fit any space you have in your garage, shed or utility area.

And finally…

We finished the garage off with a Tiled Floor.  The owner opted for our Dark Grey Raised Disk tiles for the edge and centre with a Smooth Yellow tile border.  Floor Tiles are a great addition to any garage as they offer anti-slip properties, insulate from the damp and get rid of cement dust.

The whole fit-out took three days by our team of professional fitters who are on hand to answer any questions during the process.

If you live in or around Yorkshire and would like to find out how we can transform your garage, then please speak to our Design Consultant for this area.  You can find out more about David Starbuck-Edwards and his experience by clicking here or by emailing him at


West Yorkshire Garageflex Makeover, December 2016

Mrs C, Berkshire, December 2016

I am delighted with my garage which is now a very useful utility room with extra storage and it frees up space in the house. In the summer it will come into its own as a grand garden shed!

October 2016 Garage Makeover

As featured in Your Home Magazine, House Beautiful, TopGear and more…

We are delighted to confirm that we are featured in the latest edition of Your Home Magazine.  The article titled “Make more space by converting your garage” looks at how you can make the most of this useful living space.  Furthermore, in the piece the Journalist looks at converting the garage into a kitchen, a bathroom or even making it a multi-purpose space using Garageflex!  To read the full article click here.

Garageflex feature in Your Home Magazine article on Garage Conversions Garageflex feature in Your Home Magazine article on Garage Conversions

In addition…

We can confirm that we will be appearing in the January edition of House Beautiful magazine. And you might see us in TopGear if you look in the New Car Buyers Guide that was out last month.

Garageflex: as-seen-in-house-beautiful-2

Garageflex feature in TopGear New Car Buyers Guide 2016 Magazine

Double Your House

Furthermore, if you fancy seeing for yourself how our garages actually look, you can watch our video clip of Double Your House for Half the Money.  As a result of helping Sarah Beeny and her team fit out a garage for a Hertfordshire family, the owner was delighted with his new fitted garage.  To find out more about this, click here.

Keep a watch out for more mentions to come! If you are interested in using any of our imagery or featuring us in any articles, please get in touch with Louise Fooks to discuss PR at

Review taken from The Review Centre, December 2016

Awesome – 5*

Review Centre Logo

“An amazing product and excellent service which lived up to our expectations.”

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