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Great Storage Solutions and a Striking Tiled Floor in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire

This lovely double fitted garage in Buckinghamshire was perfect for a Garageflex makeover.  The owners wanted to tidy everything up, put storage on the walls and lay a flooring that would reduce dust whilst being easy to keep clean.

Alastair Broom went over to see the customer to take measurements, draw up plans and leave them with a CAD drawing and quote for the completed garage.  As you can see from the photos, we panelled all walls in the garage, added in a selection of storage units such as Cupboards, Shelving and Racks as well as laying a striking tiled floor that compliments the garage.  The fitters even added in a small cupboard so that the boiler and metres were easily accessible yet hidden.

The whole makeover took only 4 days installed by our fantastic team of fitters.  The customer is delighted with the transformation!

Garage Flooring Solutions: Resin and Tile Flooring

While the garage is an important area of your home, it is often left cluttered and dusty.  All sorts of items are on the floor, taking up too much space and making it difficult for you to move around.  As such, it may need some decluttering and organising, but what you may be overlooking is the floor.  Enhancing your garage flooring is one of the easiest home improvement projects that you can invest in.  Not only does it make your garage look better, it also makes it safer for you and your family.  Here at Garageflex, we offer two types of flooring for you to consider: Resin Floors and Floor Tiles.

Resin Floors

Resin Flooring by Garageflex

A Resin Floor is made by combining a selection of ingredients at the point of installation so as to initiate a quick and controlled chemical reaction.  The advantages of this type of floor is that it is extremely durable and provides a safe environment for you and your family with its slip resistance.  Thus, it helps avoid injuries caused by slipping and falling and is also very practical as it is easy to clean.  Moreover, if you do not want to be too disrupted in the process of installing it, it is the perfect choice for you because of its rapid installation process.

Tile Flooring

Tiled Flooring by Garageflex

Floor Tiles are a great choice for the garage as they are smart and extremely hard wearing.  Tiles provide an excellent noise, thermal, and dust barrier, so they are a great choice if you intend to use your garage as a multipurpose room.  They are also known for their durability, so it can withstand the every day wear and tear if you wish to turn your garage into a home workshop.  Our Floor Tiles are of the highest quality and are commonly used in automotive workshops. However, they are also excellent for home garages because of their raised patterns and anti-slip properties. They are a bit more expensive than other types of tiles, but they are durable and easy to clean.

In conclusion, if you invest a little in your garage floor you can look forward to years of of a floor that great, is low maintenance and which provides a good safety surface in your garage.  To find out more about each option including technical details and benefits, click here.



Garage Wall Storage Solutions

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Our garage wall storage solution enables you to use your wall space efficiently

We understand that space is at a premium whether it be inside the house or the garage.  And as we all collect more belongings, the need for additional storage space becomes a necessity. So why not use your garage to add extra storage?  This way you can clear the clutter inside your house and give yourself back space to breathe.

On this Garage Wall Storage page we focus on the storage accessories available for your garage wall but if you want to add ceiling storage, a solution for your garage floor, or a garage door, then hop over to our Complete Garage Makeover page.

All of the Garageflex storage accessory range is designed to clip onto either our FlexiPanel or FlexiTrack.  This in turn is attached to your garage wall, either directly or via timber battens.  The flexibility to move items around your garage storage system with ease, as and when your needs change, is one of the many benefits to using our system.

The panel also provides an element of insulation to your garage wall and creates a bright, white wall which will help reflect the light around the garage.  Both  FlexiPanel and FlexiTrack are available as part of our Design & Install service or via our e-store for DIY installation at home.


Garage Wall Storage: Flexible Wall Panel for your Garage Wall

Our white FlexiPanel covers the entire length of the wall from ceiling to floor and its glossy, reflective surface increases light around the garage making it a brighter place to spend time. FlexiPanel gives you maximum flexibility as all of our storage accessories including Cabinets, Shelves and Bike Racks can be moved around as and when you want to, simply by slotting into the panel.

Other benefits of the FlexiPanel is that it gives a degree of insulation to your garage walls by excluding drafts and also eliminates nooks and crannies where creepy crawlies can gain entry or hide.

Any non-moveable obstacles such as meters, boilers or pipes can also be accommodated as we can either box the FlexiPanel around them or fit cupboards over them for easy access.


  • All our storage accessories slot into FlexiPanel giving you the maximum amount of flexibility to change your garage around as and when you choose to
  • Excludes drafts and eliminates nooks and crannies for bugs to hide in
  • The glossy, reflective surface increases light
  • Available accessories include Cabinets, Shelves, Bike Racks and more
  • FlexiPanel and all accessories come with a 10 year warranty
  • Allows you to store items on the wall rather than the floor
  • Helps declutter and streamline your garage
  • Allows you to store items on the wall rather than the floor
  • Helps declutter and streamline your garage



Garage Wall Storage: FlexiTrack Wall Storage Solutions

FlexiTrack are small singular strips of our FlexiPanel that can be fixed to your garage wall to accommodate many of our storage accessories including baskets and shelves. Unlike FlexiPanel, these strips don’t cover the entire wall but rather a small section.  So they are a great solution if you only have a small space to fill.

Each strip measures 246cm in length and 15cm in height, and can hold up to 33kg of weight. They are extremely useful if you are limited on space or only want to do a small area as they can be cut to fit the space you have.


  • Ideal if you have limited space or only want to panel a small area
  • Many of our storage accessories slot into FlexiTrack and can be moved around as and when you wish
  • FlexiTrack can hold larger items such as Cabinets and Bike Racks
  • Creates a streamlined look and gives flexible storage
  • Can be used in your garage, shed, outbuilding or utility room

FlexiTrack Wall Storage Solutions for a great fitted garage


Why not take a look at all of the garage wall storage accessories we offer to see what you could store. All products are available as part of our Design & Install service and most of them are also available for DIY installation. 

Garage Resin & Tile Flooring Solutions

Create a real wow factor in your garage with our Garage Flooring options

Whether you want to park your car in your garage, use it for DIY or just for storage, we think every garage deserves a floor that provides a safe environment for all the family, yet looks great too.

The two flooring choices we offer are Garage Floor Tiles and Resin Floors.  Both options come in a variety of colours to suit your garage interior or preference and create a non-slip surface that’s safe for everyone. Plus they can be installed on their own or as part of a wider garage makeover.

It is also worth mentioning that concrete floors are porous so any water sitting on an existing floor will eventually soak into the concrete.  Our Tiles and Resin coating floors will not absorb any water.  If your garage floor has a slope, the water may run down that slope or it may remain on the floor.  If you have any questions about this, please do let us know and we’ll answer them.


Garage Floor Tiles

We are proud to offer a range of Garage Floor Tiles made from PVC in the UK which provide an extremely tough finish, yet are smart and low maintenance.

Each of our tiles measure 500x500mm and fit together using an interlocking system, without the need for glue, nails or screws. And with a thickness of just 7mm, you can be sure that they won’t raise up your floor too much either.

They offer many benefits over a standard concrete floor with the main points being they help insulate your garage from the cold and damp, reduce dust and create an even surface to avoid trips and falls. They are installed in many commercial premises where heavy machinery, cars and forklifts are used giving added peace of mind that your tiles will be long lasting.

To find out more about our garage Floor Tiles including the many benefits of laying them in your garage, available colours and installation options, please click here.

Click here to find out more about our Floor Tiles


Resin Floors

Our Resin Floors provide a beautifully seamless finish for your garage floor. Using a commercial-grade Methacrylate coating, our resin floors provide the highest quality finish you can buy* and comes with a ten year warranty to give you peace of mind that your flooring will last.

We do not recommend laying Epoxy Resin or Paints as we do not believe this is the best solution for a garage floor. Our experience shows us they flake and peel very quickly.

Our team of floor fitters are experts in their field and have been laying floors for many years. We lay our floors using a four step process over the existing concrete including preparation, primer, coating and finally, a sealant, all laid to a depth of 4mm. If your floor is badly pitted or is not level then just give us a call to see how we can help sort it out for you.

Click here to find out more about our Resin Floors including available colours, how they are laid and the many benefits of having this beautiful flooring in your garage.

Click here to find out more about our Resin Floors

Garage Ceiling Storage Solutions

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It is easy to store bulky or out of season items on your garage ceiling

We don’t need access to seasonal items such as Christmas decorations or garden furniture all year round so they are ideal candidates to store on the ceiling. In addition, items that are bulky such as ladders, timber or pipework can also be kept safely out of the way by introducing some ceiling storage into your garage.

On this page, we will focus on the storage accessories available for your garage ceiling but if you want to add wall storage or a floor, then pop over to our Complete Garage Makeover page.

Ceiling storage can be included as part of our Design & Install service or you can buy from our e-store to fit yourself. Options include Storage Racks for boxes, hoists for bikes and canoes, and a range of hooks for ladders, timber and pipework. Whatever you want to store on your ceiling, we can help.

All of these items can be used on a stand-alone basis but to make it even more flexible try installing our PowerTrack. This channel is installed to the ceiling allowing hooks and hangers to be moved around without the need for further adhesive, screws or nails.


  • Use the ceiling space for even more storage options
  • White cladding to the ceiling gives a fantastic overall effect and reflects the light
  • We have more than 10 ceiling storage accessories to store bulky or out of season items
  • Install yourself at home or include as part of your garage installation by us
  • Having our PowerTrack installed means you can move hooks and hangers around without the need for nails and screws
  • PowerTrack can be cut to any size you like

The Garageflex E-store lets you buy our products to install yourself at home


Why not take a look at all of the different storage accessories we offer to see what you could store. All products are available as part of our Design & Install service and most of them are also available for DIY installation on our e-store.

If you would prefer to see how ceiling storage can be included in your wider Garage Makeover, click here.


Garage Doors

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We are delighted to offer a selection of Roller Shutter and Sectional Garage Doors to compliment your garage interior.

There are many reasons our customers decide to get a new garage door fitted, ranging from wanting to stop draughts and leaves to replacing two doors with one so they can finally get their car in the garage.

We are proud to work with a tried and tested UK garage door partner to offer this service as part of a wider Garageflex makeover or as a standalone service. However, we do often find that once the garage door looks so good, customers opt to have their garage fitted out as well!

To see how Garage Doors can be included as part of a wider Garageflex makeover of your garage, click here to view our Case Study.

Mr Shah is delighted with his garage makeover.

Please contact us for further information or a quote to update your garage doors.

Just some of the reasons to update your garage doors

1. Roller shutter and sectional doors both cut out nasty draughts and annoying leaves with their excellent insulation properties
2. Two remote controls are provided with your motorised doors
3. Safety equipment is fitted as standard
4. No need to worry about the door hitting your car, with these doors you can park within millimetres
5. We have a wide range of standard colour and can also arrange bespoke colours for an additional fee
6. We offer a five year warranty on parts and workmanship
7. Our delivery time is usually 3-4 weeks from the placing of the order but non-standard colours may take a little longer


Garage Doors Before and After 2016

Garage Doors by Garageflex

To view more photos of our range, visit our Ideabook on Houzz.

Please contact us for further information or a quote.  Or if you would prefer to find out more about our Complete Garage Makeover, please click here.
















Mrs K, Dorset, September 2016

We love the new floor. Your guys were very nice to deal with, worked fast and did a great job

Double Your House for Half the Money – Mr Johul

You may have seen Garageflex featured on the Channel 4 show Double Your House for Half the Money.   We were absolutely delighted to be involved in the design and installation of Mr Johul’s garage makeover and of course to meet the fantastic Sarah Beeny.

Garageflex feature on Double Your House for Half the Money

We were approached by RedHouse TV to be involved and the brief was to fit out the garage to provide a clean, tidy and organised space that suited the client’s busy lifestyle.  Of course we were absolutely delighted to be involved!  To fit the brief, Garageflex clad all three walls with our patented FlexiPanel and laid a tiled floor as well as fitting cabinets and accessories which suited his lifestyle.  We fitted three lockers for the children’s bits and pieces, plenty of hooks to hold scooters and bikes as well as cabinets to keep everything off the floor and tidied away.

We faced a few challenges, namely that during any construction work garages are always used as the builders “home” so we were not able to access the garage until the last minute and had to work around other contractors to get the garage finished on time.  However, all was well and the garage was finished ready for the final reveal to Mr Johul in June when filming took place.

The owner, Mr Johal loved it, as did Sarah Beeny and both were very impressed with the finished garage in terms of quality, organisation and flexibility.  It was a pleasure to be involved and work with the team on Double Your House for Half the Money.











Henley on Thames Triple Garage

Garageflex recently completed a fitted garage makeover for a client in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire.  Not only was Mr Fairley delighted with the results, he shared with us his thoughts on why now was the right time to undertake the transformation and what he was most pleased with.

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