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Three Simple Tips to Declutter Your Garage

With our busy lives and habit of collecting things, its inevitable that the garage becomes a storage area filled with clutter. The thought of decluttering the space is a daunting thought. But it’s not that difficult once you know where to start. And our three little tips below will get you on the right path to decluttering garage storage heaven.

declutter your garage - sort yours out now with three simple steps

Sort out the contents

Start by sorting the contents into piles of similar things such as CDs, toys, books, sports equipment etc. and whether you use them frequently or not. It is also very likely that you have boxes stored up in your garage and now is as good a time as any to unpack them and weed out things you do not need. Next get some transparent boxes so in the future you’ll be able to see what is in them and also label them so you can see at a glance what the contents are. There will be plenty of things you want to keep but take advantage of Charity shops or services such as Freecycle for those things you don’t want anymore. One man’s rubbish and all that.

Take advantage of your garage wall space

Chances are most of the items in your garage are stored on the floor, and that is what is causing the clutter. Getting everything off the floor is fine but where do you put it all? Try using your wall space to make storing everything really easy. One option is having slatted wall panels this will allow you to mount cabinets to the wall without leaving holes in the drywall and they can be moved around when you like. You can also make use of sturdy hooks, from where you can hang heavy items, such as rakes and shovels. Another option you have is a pegboard, which helps you to organise tools that you frequently use.

Make the most of your garage ceiling space.

The ceiling is an excellent place for you to store seasonal items or items you do not use frequently. This way, things that you do not really use every day do not use up space in areas where things that should be easily accessible to you should be in. There are plenty of hooks, racks or hoists around to get even things like bikes and kayaks stored neatly on the ceiling.

To sum it all up, tidying up and organising your garage does not have to be complicated. Sort and make use of the unused space in your garage such as the wall and the ceiling and by doing this, you clear your floor of clutter. This makes it easier for you to move around your garage and find the things you need more easily as well as providing a safe place for all the family. Take advantage of your garage wall space.

Decluttering your garage





Garage Makeover 2016

Updating garage doors does wonders for your kerb appeal

There are many reasons our customers decide to get a new garage door fitted, ranging from wanting to stop draughts and leaves to replacing two doors with one so they can finally get their car in the garage.

We are proud to work with a tried and tested UK garage door partner to offer this service as part of a wider Garageflex makeover or as a standalone service. However, we do often find that once the garage door looks so good, customers opt to have their garage fitted out as well!

To see how Garage Doors can be included as part of a wider Garageflex makeover of your garage, click here to view our Case Study.

10 Essential items for your garage that you shouldn’t be without

Whether you are moving into a new home or just looking to tidy up, here are a few essential items that every garage should have.  Not only will you be able to find things as and when you need them, your garage becomes a safer and happier place to be.

Garageflex - 10 essential items for your garage

1.  Good lighting.  Essential in order not to strain your eyes during DIY projects, good lighting is a must for any well ordered garage.  Think about installing portable lights to find any items that fall on the floor.

2. Wall storage.  Make use of all your wall space by installing either FlexiPanel or FlexiTrack to your walls, then simply add in cabinets or other accessories to hide away all your clutter.

3. Shelving.  Whether its for your wall or inside your cabinet, shelving has multiple uses in your garage.  They can be used high up to keep items out of reach of children or low to the floor to store toys.

4. Hooks and brackets.  Hang up all those gardening tools, ladders and brooms to make your garage space more appealing and less cluttered.

5. Sports storage.  For all those sports enthusiasts who want to tidy away their rackets, sticks and clubs or keep the bike out of the way, the Garageflex sports storage range brings together practicality with maximum storage space.  In addition, you will always be able to find your golf balls or water bottle easily before heading off for some fun.

6. Flooring.  No point in getting your garage to look great and still have a scruffy floor.  Think about laying either inter-locking floor tiles or for the ultimate floor, look at having a resin floor laid.

7. Utilise your ceiling.  The ceiling area is probably the most least utilised place in your garage.  Why not use it?  Garageflex have a number of solutions to make use of this extra space.

8. Put your bikes out of the way.  Bikes are great but a bit bulky.  Think about using hooks and hoists to keep them out of the way on the wall or ceiling.  Both options make it easy to get them down when required and make way for your car in the garage too.

9. Tool Holders.  We all have hobbies that we love, whether it be DIY, gardening or crafts.  Each come with a number of tools and what better way to store them in a specialised tool holder.  Click here to find out more.

10. DIY Workbench.  No garage is complete without a workbench, try one that folds down for even more space.

Or for more information on how to maximise the space in your garage, call Garageflex on 01491 636080 or email us at








Our New Design Consultant, David Cooper, arrives at Garageflex HQ

On 5th September our new Design Consultant, David Cooper, arrived at Garageflex HQ to take up his new role.  David will be looking after London and the Home Counties and will be visiting customers in their homes to discuss how to transform their garage into a clean, tidy and organised space.  David will be creating bespoke CAD designs and quotes and be the first point of call for sales enquiries for this geographic area.

David Cooper - Design Consultant, Garageflex, London, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Hertfordshire

With a background in Kitchen Design, David has plenty of experience in designing spaces to suit customers needs so is a very welcome fit into the Garageflex team.  Previously our Managing Director Alastair Broom visited all customers in this area and David will take over in this regard.  Alastair will still be on hand to offer advice but will be focusing on Strategy and building the Garageflex business by looking at additional products and creating partnerships to maximise Garageflex’s excellent position in the industry

David would be delighted to hear from anybody who would like to know more about the service Garageflex can offer.

Contact Details:

David Cooper
Design Consultant for London and the Home Counties
Head Office: 01491 636080
Mobile: 07769 644278

Northern Sales Agent becomes President of the Freemen and Guild of The City of Chester

Our Sales Agent for Cheshire and the North West, David Starbuck-Edwards has just come into office this year as President of The Freemen and Guilds of The City of Chester.


David said “My guilds company is The Worshipful Company of Mercers, Ironmongers, Grocers and Apothecaries, so a tenuous link between Ironmongers and garage fitters!

This photograph is taken at the Phoenix Tower situated on the historic walls of Chester, a traditional meeting place of the medieval guild companies. It is now more often referred the as King Charles Tower, as Charles I witnessed defeat of his army at the battle of Rowton Heath from this tower on the 24th September 1645.”

Well done David!

Home improvements for the classic car enthusiasts

The UK classic car industry has boomed over the last few years and is now estimated to be worth over £6 billion. Those dipping their toes into the classic car market for the first time are usually looking for cars to keep rather than just investors looking for cheap deals on classic cars which they can then sell on for profit. Buying a classic car can be a great investment if you’re looking to increase your savings in assets, but also a very expensive one when it comes to maintenance.

Classic Car Tips by Garageflex

If you have an interest in classic cars then you will probably already know that leaving a classic car unused for long periods of time or not storing it properly can do more harm than running it through winter. If you don’t want to find yourself in a position where you have to spend time and money getting your car back into peak condition when spring finally comes round and you want to take it out for a spin, then this might be the right time to consider improvements you can make to your garage that will help you to safely store your vehicle.

According to car restoration experts, the best place to store a classic car is an airy and dry barn but not everyone has that luxury of space, especially if they live in an urban area.

Here are some tips to help owners or future buyers keep their classic cars in tip-top condition.

Keep things dry

Damp is the enemy of any classic car as it causes rust, ruins the electrics and damages the interior. A leaky and cold garage will do your car no favours whatsoever and it would also make an unpleasant environment to carry out day-to-day maintenance and repairs. Just imagine having to drag yourself into a damp garage during the winter! Thoroughly insulated wood or brick garages are preferable to pre-cast concrete units as those materials allow the air to circulate better, so if you’re building a new garage you might want to consider these options. However, if these materials don’t fit in with the rest of your building’s design or you already have a concrete garage, you can still take steps to improve the existing space.

By installing heating in the garage, you can stop condensation build-up, however if you’re planning on taking the car out for a spin once a month to keep the engine running then bringing a cold car into a warm garage will immediately cause condensation. The heating will also need to be on continuously to keep the space dry which can end up being quite expensive.

Installing a good ventilation system will significantly reduce humidity at little cost and is a more effective way of solving the problem. An extra precaution would be to enclose the car completely in a plastic bubble and provide low volume ventilation airflow by using fans to even out the humidity. Obviously, only the air within the bubble is controlled so everything else within the garage such as tools and stored parts would remain unprotected.

Rolling it

Installing insulated roller garage doors might seem like an expensive investment but they are worth every penny. Not only do they maximise space both inside the garage and on your driveway but can also be manufactured to exact specification offering a tight seal all round to dramatically improve insulation.

Insulated double skin aluminium or steel doors are not only weather proof but are also reliable when it comes to security, protecting your car from any attempted break ins.

Going up

If you’re planning on adding more classic cars to your collection in the future but you don’t have enough space then a car lift could solve that problem. Apart from being ideal for vehicle storage in tight spaces, it will also be a useful tool for when you’re carrying out maintenance work on the car. From our experience the ideal roof height for allowing plenty of space for maintenance and storage is approximately 3.3m.

Going down

A car pit would be an alternative to a car lift with almost zero ongoing costs, however there are a few things you need to consider before you start digging. Car pits are normally built before the garage floor goes in and you have to make sure that you’re on soft enough ground to dig deep enough. You will also need to make sure the base is as strong as the garage floor as the edges of the floor will need to be re-cast over the brickwork for support. It is entirely up to you to decide whether you will install a lift or a pit. Just keep in mind though that if you end up moving house, you will be able to take a car lift with you to your new property, which isn’t the case with a car pit!

Those bright lights

It’s important to choose the right type of lighting in your garage in order to ensure there is crisp white light evenly distributed in your garage space which is vital for carrying out any maintenance work. Installing high performance LEDs in the ceiling will deliver balanced illumination throughout your garage and will eliminate any dark spots.

You should also consider installing a security light outside your garage with a high detection range as it can act as an added deterrent against intruders.

Classic car enthusiasts know that classic cars are more than just an investment so make sure you’re protecting yours to keep it in top condition for years to come.

Thinking of a Resin Floor? Some things to be aware of

Our MMA resin coatings are a commercial application that we have used in residential garages for some years now. There are certain points to be aware of:

  • The floor must be dry for the application to be successfully laid
  • We cannot breach any Damp Proof Course when laying the floor coating
  • The final coat of sealant is laid using a roller brush and occasional brush marks may be noticeable when looked at in different lights
  • As standard we lay two coats of sealant. Any more is likely to cause the surface to become slippery
  • Whilst every effort is made to match colours, the final colour may vary slightly from any sample shown as will the finished surface

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