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Interested in our Floor Tiles? Our new FAQ tells you what you need to know

Q: What do I need to consider when installing Garageflex tiles in the garage environment?

A: Garageflex have been supplying tiles into commercial and domestic garages for a number of years thereby creating a smart, clean and dust free workshop environment but there are four important considerations to take into account.

  • Catalytic Converters – When the car is running the catalytic converter gets extremely hot and if the car is left running whilst sitting on the tiles it may cause the tiles directly under the converter to expand through the heat. This is only a temporary issue and the tiles will shrink back to their original size once the heat source has been removed. In a busy commercial garage it is worth considering gluing the tiles down in-between the lifts or ramps where vehicles may be left with the engine running.
  • Staining from car tyres -Rubber tyres will stain almost every type of floor including bare concrete, painted and vinyl flooring. The stain is a chemical reaction and will not damage the tiles or impact on their durability.
  • What causes the staining? The stain is caused by a component used within the manufacture of car tyres called ‘6PPD’ (phenaline diamine). 6PPD is an anti-oxidant and is added to rubber products to resist environmental attack by ozone and Ultraviolet light. It also has other beneficial effects in the moulding of rubber itself. Since it adds to the cost of making tyres, manufacturers usually only add it to the softer high performance tyres. The staining is dark grey / green in appearance and will show within 4 to 5 hours of the tyre being located on the tile. The stain cannot be removed as it is a chemical reaction between the 6PPD and the surface it is in contact with.
  • How to avoid the staining issue? Because the stain is a dark grey / green it is far less obvious in the darker colours and is almost indistinguishable from the colour of our Dark Grey and Graphite tiles (which also happen to be the smartest and most popular colours). It is also less obvious in the black and green colours. Light grey, yellow, white and red should be avoided. If you wish to use the lighter coloured tiles to brighten up the garage or workshop design the floor in layout that incorporates different colours using the darker coloured tyres where the car will be parked. The following examples may be of help:
    • Use black, graphite or dark grey tiles where tyres will sit
    • Place strips of black, graphite or dark grey tiles where the tyres rest
    • Add black, graphite or dark grey under the engine where oil may drip

August Special Offers – get yours whilst stocks last

We have three special offers at present with our Wall Cabinet, with or without FlexiTrack to store it easily on your garage wall and a clearance of Floor Tiles stock.  Click on the images below to buy online or get in contact with us regarding Floor Tiles.

Review taken from The Review Centre, August 2016

So pleased with the result – 5*

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“The installation went exceedingly well despite some rather awkward situations to overcome. These were done in a very professional manner. The end result was so good I have given my neighbours an open invitation to come and see if they would like to copy us. There really isn’t one part of the job I can say I don’t like. The fitters were very courteous, on time and cleaned up after themselves at the end of the day’s work. Right from the start, we were given a timetable of the work that was adhered to. We would not hesitate in recommending Garageflex.”

To see this review and others of Garageflex at The Review Centre, click here.

Epsom, Surrey July 2016

Our new YouTube channel is up and running

We are delighted that our new YouTube channel is ready with lots to view already.  In addition to our Corporate clips around who we are and how we can help you transform your garage, we have also introduced product specific video clips to give you more information.  Here are four of our new video clips, but watch out for more there are plenty yet to come!

Case Study – Triple Garage – Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire

Garageflex recently completed a garage makeover for a client in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire.  Not only was Mr Fairley delighted with the results, he shared with us his thoughts on why now was the right time to undertake the transformation and what he was most pleased with.

Why did you have your garage made over?  Because I needed it tidied up and some storage added. I was fed up with spending time looking for what I needed and just wanted somewhere to put everything, clean it all up and enable me to get my car in the garage for once.

How did you go about finding someone to do it?  I had been thinking about it for a while and then one day a card appeared in my letterbox. I thought it was a good idea but still did nothing until I saw an advertisement by the same company in our local magazine.

How difficult was it to get it done right?  It was very straight forward. Garageflex sent someone round, Alastair asked all the right questions – or I gave him all the right answers! – we agreed a design and price, and within four weeks it was all done.

What do you like most about it?  This sounds corny but actually I like it all even though we are not using everything fully at the moment. It is so clean and tidy, it is light and bright and there is plenty of storage space. The system is so flexible that everything is so easy to move around. And for the first time in seven years living here, we can now get our cars in the garage. It is brilliant!


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